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OK, let’s be HONEST.  Diets DO work.  Studies show that just about any diet will work, if you can stick with it.  And the way to reduce your body weight is to expend more calories than you take it.  It’s not rocket science, and most of us KNOW what we should be eating, and how we should be exercising.

But we don’t.

So why not?

Until you get your subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious desires, by changing your internal programming and eliminating mental and emotional blocks, that any conscious effort you take is almost guaranteed to fail.  That was my experience, and I’m betting, since you’re on this page, that it has been yours as well.  Someone commented on that blog, stating in a very icy tone, “It’s simple to lose weight and keep it off.  Just change your diet.”  I commented back, full of indignity at the injustice that we all face when we haven’t been successful at losing weight: “If it’s that simple, how come America keeps getting fatter?  If it’s that simple, how come we’re not all at our ideal weight?”

The answer is obvious; it isn’t simple.  But it doesn’t have to be hard, either.

Who am I to talk about it? I’ve been there. Back in the late ’80’s and ’90’s, I was chronically depressed, stuck in a bad marriage.  The last time I was brave enough to step on a scale, I was 178 pounds, size 16.  I’m 5’4″ tall.  I tried diets.  I tried exercise.  I PUNISHED myself. I had been 106 pounds dripping wet in high school.  But my self esteem had taken a pounding, and separated from my family and all support, I found comfort in food. You can read my story soon in the new book I’ve written with Jack Canfield–Mastering the Art of Success.

To make a long story short, my Dad, also a hypnotist, worked with me to fix more than just the weight–53 pounds in 9 months and another 12 pounds in the year after that — more importantly he fixed what was going on in my head.  And THAT is the key.  I needed CONFIDENCE in myself to lose the weight.  I needed to ELIMINATE the old ways of thinking, the poisonous programming that had crept in.  Once that hypnosis took hold, the weight just came off.  Did I eat differently?  You BET I did!  I ate differently, I shopped differently, and I made exercise a daily part of my routine.  Did it feel like effort?  Not at all.  It was an AMAZING experience.

I’ve broken down what my dad did for me, and added to it, with what I’ve learned along the way, for you.  That work is reflected here in Natural Weight Release; the Weight Loss Accelerator, and Affirmations for Weight Loss.  I’ve added to that Banish Holiday Weight Gain, for those special occasions; and Hypno-Diet Pill. PLUS I’ve really focused the confidence suggestions that worked so well for me in one audio, Confidence for Weight Release and because that’s so key to this work, I’m giving it to you for free, as a bonus when you buy the complete collection.

So here’s what you get when you buy the program, and how to use it!

  • Natural Weight Release. This is 24 minutes long and hypnotic in nature.  Listen daily, when it works best for you.  Reinforcement through repetition is the key to reprogramming your subconscious mind with this audio, so listen every day and….
  • Affirmations for Weight Loss.
      Listen to this non-hypnotic audio anytime–yes!  You can listen to it in your car, while you exercise, while you’re doing other things.  It is designed to go along with Natural Weight Release and it reinforces all the positive, healthy new programming.  Only sold as part of this program!
  • Weight Loss Accelerator
    .  Listen to this subliminal program when you’re sleeping at night.  Now, some studies say, “subliminal doesn’t work.”  I’ll be honest; I don’t know.  I do know that I used subliminals to reinforce the hypnosis when I did my weight loss work in the ’90’s, and I know I got great results.  But, having read those studies, this audio is done in the “almost subliminal” style that has shown to be effective–so you will hear a faint whisper now & then because, rather than being below the hearing threshold, the vocal track on this audio is right at the hearing threshold.  Only sold as part of this program!
  • Banish Holiday Weight Gain.
      What happens when you’re outside of your normal routine?  It’s the holidays, or you’re going on a cruise?  You need a little extra oomph!  So, during those times mix in this audio.  Only sold as part of this program!
  • Hypno-Diet Pill.
      I’ve worked with a number of weight loss clients who’ve mourned the loss of Phen-Fen.  Or ephedra.  So, I picked their brains for how those pills worked for them, what they felt like when they were on them and created Hypno-Diet Pill!  Designed to give you all the results, and none of the side-effects!  Try it! If you like it, listen to it for a week in place of Natural Weight Release, and then go back to listening to Natural Weight ReleaseOnly sold as part of this program!
  • Confidence for Weight Loss.
      My gift to you, as it was my Dad’s gift to me.  You may just find your confidence boosting in other areas of your life as well!

A total of 6 hypnosis audios to give you everything you need, for exactly when you need it.

How much?  How much is it worth, to change your relationship with food from the inside, permanently?  In-office clients pay as much as $1,650 for a package of sessions to cover what I’m giving you in this program.  But I want to make this something everyone can afford, because I know how painful it is, to try and fail and I know how effective this approach can be–I’m living proof.

Do me a favor, and right now just take a moment to consider, where would you be today if you had started this program 6 months ago?  Or last year?  Don’t wait until later, and regret what might have been–start today.

Just $77.97 for 6 high quality MP3 recordings

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