How hypnosis helps anxiety

Did you know that prior to the invention of Prozac, the “go-to” protocol for anxiety issues was hypnosis? 

Hypnosis actually has a long and impressive history of medical uses, from reducing anxiety to surgical anesthesia.  Hypnosis, however, takes time and skills, both on the part of the doctor and patient, and fell out of favor when medications became available that could lessen symptoms with just the popping of a pill.

However, as so many of my clients tell me, the pills that dampen then anxious response don’t get rid of the issue.  And they find themselves trapped in a cycle of always having to take that pill when they’re facing their trigger situation.

Hypnosis on the other hand actually engages the brain’s learning system so that you can UNLEARN the fear/anxiety and disconnect that fright reaction from the trigger, along with helping you learn to engage your mind/body “Relaxation Response” as Dr. Herbert Benson coined it.

Learn more about how hypnosis can help with your anxiety in the video below.  Sorry for the video quality. I hired a professional and everything for this, but …. OK.  I’m letting that go.  The content is what’s important and I hope it helps you or someone you care about.


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