Listen to the Hypnotic Radio Hour

The Hypnotic Radio Hour is broadcast in 135 countries worldwide.

The Hypnotic Radio Hour can be found on several Networks. Available online at the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, TuneIn, The BBM Global Network,  iTunes and SpeakUp Talk Radio as well as terrestrial stations across the US.  Join over 12,000 listeners a month (and growing!).

Learn about techniques in hypnosis, uses of hypnosis, and the inner going’s-on in the world of hypnosis with The Hypnotic Radio Hour!  Cindy Locher, the hypnotherapist behind the scripts and recordings on HypnosisFirst, and Jody Kimmell of ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center and the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy, host a wide variety of guests and topics in the world of the subconscious mind on this weekly radio show.

The newest episodes automatically load at the top, and you can scroll through the episodes and listen to your favorites right here!

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