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by Gayle on

Hi Cindy! I had kind of a cool thing happen tonight. I was out walking listening to one of your podcasts,when I came upon a midsize pit bull mix off leash and standing alone on the path. I thought to myself "this isn't good" and stopped walking. I slowly turned to go the other direction and he started running towards me. I stopped, made myself look big, like you taught me to do around Ernie, and yelled NO several times in a loud voice. He stopped in his tracks. I told him in the same voice,GO HOME! We stood like that for several minutes when a neighbor came out to see what was going on. I walked toward the person, while the dog slowly followed me at a distance barking off and on, clearly not through with me yet. I continued to say NO! The neighbor did not know who the dog belonged to, and had rescued another woman out walking who had knocked on his door because of the dog. All of a sudden the dogs owner walked up and said the dog belonged to him and off they went. The cool part of the story is that I was not afraid in the least. I was concerned and figured I'd bop him on the head with my water bottle if he lunged at me, but I had no "fight or flight" symptoms. In the past, pre-hypnosis, I would have been scared to death. As a kid,I had many dogs nip at my heels as I rode my bike home at night during the summer and was terrified. ( Before leash laws were written. ) I guess my lack of fear around Ernie is rubbing off in other areas of my animal life, as well. Thought you might get a kick out of this story. As always, thanks for what you do and for being you. -Gayle ( custom CDs for confidence with horses and confidence when loping on a horse.)

by April on End Insomnia

This helped me to finally break the insomnia i've had for several months now. I'm sleeping much better than before. don't know how it works but it is the only thing that's different and now i'm able to sleep. If you're having problems sleeping, buy this, it couldn't hurt and it might do the trick for you too.

I bought this for my husband and he likes it. Would recommend to a friend.

Along with conscious effort and just really wanting to make changes at this point in my life (48 years old), it's just time to change, and this is making it easier. The recordings are nicely done, pleasant, the person on the recordings has a very soothing voice so these are enjoyable to use and are helping me get over the hump on making the changes I want to at this time in my life.

I should have gotten this sooner, but this helped me get through a presentation at school much better than I had thought I would so I would say it helped and i will use it again in the futre-0probably plan a little further ahead next time.

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