Professionally written scripts, by a practicing hypnotherapist.

I have written thousands of scripts over the past decade-plus, most incorporating NLP concepts into the hypnotic framework.  These scripts are highly effective and have been used by myself, my graduates and other hypnotists for years. These scripts are timed to approximately 20 to 35 minutes in length, depending on your delivery style.

I'm adding scripts all the time, so check back often. If you'd like a particular script written, feel free to contact me.

Restore Personal Power Hypnosis Script
Script to reclaim personal power from others.
Price: $6.97
Unbreakable Self Hypnosis Script
A hypnosis with NLP script to strengthen personal resilience.
Price: $6.97
Reduce Busy Thoughts Mind Clearing Meditation Script
Effective for reducing Monkey Mind / feelings of overwhelm.
Price: $6.97
Eliminate Sugar Script
Create a distaste for sugary foods with hypnosis. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $6.97
Hypnotic Diet Pill Script
Hyperemperia script to create the positive, remembered effects of a diet pill (without the negatives).
Price: $6.97
Confidence for Weight Loss Script
Create the confidence to stick to your changes. I can & I will!
Price: $6.97
Natural Weight Release Script
Great foundational script for establishing self love-self care & new habits.
Price: $6.97
Totem of Confidence Script
Creates unshakable confidence & personal power with hypnosis & NLP.
Price: $6.97
Transform Your Past Script
Hypnosis & NLP to change feelings about past events.
Price: $6.97

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