Quiz: What’s your dominant brain function?

What is your primary strength?

Are you more imaginative, or more logical? Do you favor order or intuition?

While we all certainly have some of all of these integrated in our personality, it is true that we also tend to lean more to one side or the other.

What’s my dominant brain function?  Logic. Which, according to the author of this personality quiz, makes me “analytical, objective, critical and principled person.” Well, as you read more of my work on this blog, I’ll let you decide!

While this quiz is clearly not a scientifically valid instrument, it does seem to be well constructed and has proven to be pretty accurate for the people I’ve seen take it. And, hey, it’s FUN!  If you are interested in really learning more about your personality from real psychology tests, I would recommend the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (usually referred to as the MBTI) and the DiSC Profile.

There are links at the bottom of this article to sites where you can take basic versions of both of these valid and widely accepted personality tests for free.

My 3 Top Reasons for Learning Your Personality Type

1. You learn what is special about you. Each personality type has its strengths that makes those people uniquely more suited to certain types of work and roles in society. Understanding your strengths gives you an idea of where to channel your energy, to places where you are most likely excel and succeed.  And because “success breeds success” this can be the catalyst to reaching more of your potential.

2. You learn that everyone is special, for different reasons. One of the things we used to coach mangers on when I was in Human Resources for a Fortune 100 company, was that each team needs to be made up of people who bring different personality types, different strengths, to the team. That’s what gives a team balance. The Driver is not likely to be paying attention the details, and likewise, someone too focused on the details may never complete projects in a timely manner. We are designed, it seems, to complement and complete each other!

3. You learn you’re not broken. You can recognize that just because you don’t feel comfortable in certain types of situations, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Different is not wrong. If you find yourself with a spouse who is a true extrovert and you need time alone to recharge your energy, if you didn’t understand that this is a natural, hard-wired and unavoidable difference in personalities, you may make the assumption that there’s something wrong with you. Instead, you can plan to balance your activities so that your energies have the right environment and input to recharge, too!

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Take the Jung Typology Test (similar to MBTI) here:  http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

Take the DiSC Personality Test here: http://discpersonalitytesting.com/free-disc-test/


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