4 Quick Lessons About Negative Thinking

4 Keys to Let Go of Negative Thinking

With all the negative things happening around you and in the world, it can be hard not to have negative thoughts. When you begin to have negative ideas lurking in your head, it can be hard to stop them. It is also much easier said than done to change your focus from the negatives to positive thoughts. However, negative thinking can have a strong and often devastating effect on all aspect of one’s life that is why it is crucial to know how to stop negative thinking and apply it to break free from any negativity.

Breaking out of your negative thought patterns can be a real internal battle. However, it is  possible to turn them around and cultivate happiness and inner peace.

Here are some proven ways to stop negative thinking and have an improved quality of life.

1.   Focus on the Present.

People often dwell on past that they cannot move forward. They obsess over something that has already happened and stay there. The primary key to get their thoughts back is to become aware of the present moment. Focusing on the present will take your thoughts out of the dark corners of the past. To step out of the thinking processes and be more conscious, redirect your attention into here and now and not on the thought. Give the present moment your undivided attention.

2.  Do not Focus on Things You Cannot Control.

People often dwell more on the negative things in their life that they cannot control. They complain about the weather, the government and other people. Well, know that focusing on things you cannot control is a great formula to misery. Place your attention more on the things you can control like your attitude and how you will respond to things around you. You may not control others but you have an absolute control of yourself.

3.   Do not Take all the Responsibility.

Negative thinkers internalize, which means they blame themselves for every kind of negatives that have little or even nothing to do with them at all. Look at how much influence or control you really have over those things that you tend to think negatively about.

4.  Reflect on your Accomplishments.

The world is actually full of the many simple joys of finishing jobs, seeing a stunning scene, helping others, going outside and seeing the beautiful sunset or even enjoying delightful meals with family and friends. When you practice reflecting on the wonderful aspects of life, you build your confidence and increase your enjoyment of future experiences.

Thoughts that make you feel bad inside are negative thoughts. If there isn’t something that you can take action on— say, to repair a relationship (especially your relationship with YOU), make a change in your behavior, etc., — negative thoughts will cause negative feelings, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, sadness, etc. that are essentially meaningless.  Many people even get sick due to thinking negatively more than anything else. Negative thinking also makes everything harder.

Therefore, knowing how to stop negative thinking is crucial to an improved well-being and quality of life. Instead of focusing on the problem, pay your attention to the solutions. Be aware of negative thoughts and when you do, let go as quickly as you can. Let them go and do not fight with your thoughts. It is also beneficial to be around with positive people.

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3 thoughts on “4 Quick Lessons About Negative Thinking

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    Great tips — I think the biggest one for me is letting go of things I can’t control. The reality is, I can control very little, but what I can control allows me to create an awesome path. And YES to focusing on the present…it’s hard, but so worth it.

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    Thank you for this. It’s shorter than some of your articles and you seem a little apologetic for that, but these are important points that I need to keep in front of my nose so i like the shorter articles sometimes better.

    • at

      Thanks Gwen! I appreciate your observations and that you’re giving me “permission” to write shorter pieces sometimes! Thank you, and blessings! ~Cindy


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