A process for centering on comfort in the body

You’ve heard that what you focus on expands, I’m sure, and it’s true.

When you have something uncomfortable in your body or your thoughts or your life, focusing on that discomfort only breeds more discomfort.  But it seems like it’s a human habit and many of us do this unintentionally.

So I recorded a process I use with my clients with such issues as anxiety (uncomfortable thoughts), IBS and pain (uncomfortable body) or dealing with stress (uncomfortable things in life).

This is a quick process that centers and focuses your awareness and attention amazingly well.  And, instead of using the breath as a focal point, uses a feeling of comfort found in the body.

You will find this process is calming to both mind and body, because a focused mind is a calm mind, and what you focus on expands. As you focus on the comfort you find, that comfort expands to fill your awareness.

And today, because this process has proven so beneficial to so many people, I’m making it free to you — more details on that below.

This process is deceptively simple — there is actually quite a bit of research into all of the various elements of this process.

Simple can be powerful.  And once you’ve used the audio a few times, the only resource you will need is your own mind, giving you the confidence of having the ability to shift your awareness and therefore, your experience, to comfort — wherever you happen to be. At just a little over 12 minutes long, you can use this frequently throughout your day.  And you’ll find the process takes effect even more quickly once you’ve mastered using it without the audio.

Usually priced at $7.50, if you’ve arrived at this page it’s free to you today.  Just use the code IMCOMFORT to get the free checkout option.  This is a quality mp3 download, you will have your audio immediately.

This is a process I teach to people with anxiety, IBS, chronic pain and more. Rather than focus on the breath, it focuses on where you find the most comfort in your body, and teaches you to exclude everything else. The more you use this process, the more powerful it becomes for you. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $7.50

Regular price, $7.50. Yours today for free with the code IMCOMFORT




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