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It’s good to know who the hypnotherapist is behind the recordings you’re buying.

After all, you’re trusting me to help you make important changes in your life. You have a right to know who I am, what my background is, what methodologies I favor, and just generally to get to know me.

Whether it’s work done over Skype, in person at my office in Minnesota, or work that we do together with these recordings, the first, fundamental pieces that needs to be in place is trust.

My name is Cindy Locher, and I’m a second-generation hypnotherapist. My Dad, a Master Social Worker, became a hypnotist to use hypnosis in his work with young incarcerated men. At that time, they were called Juvenile Delinquents. Honestly, I’m not sure whether that term is in use today. Growing up with hypnosis, I was hypnotized a number of times in my life, from the first time at the age of four, through to the present day. I’ve used hypnosis to make significant changes in my life, and to create a mental mindset that consistently brings me happiness, fulfillment and success. Because of this, I know hypnosis works, and I know it can work for you just as well.

My private hypnotherapy practice, ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center in Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA, is now in it’s twelfth year of operation. ¬†For five years I also operated a licensed school of hypnotherapy in the state of Minnesota, the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy.

Visit the ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center practice website at www.MinnesotaHypnosis.com.

Cindy demonstrating a hypnosis induction during class.

In my practice, I’ve heard so many times, “I’ve gotten better results with hypnosis in five sessions than I’ve gotten in years of therapy, or working with doctors, etc.” I’ve also heard, just as many times, “I’ve tried everything else. Hypnosis is my last resort.” Those same people are the ones who go on to have amazing success with hypnosis. That got me to thinking, how much energy, pain, time, and money could be saved if people started using hypnosis first? And so, HypnosisFirst was born.

My own educational background is first as an educator, with a bachelors degree from Michigan State University, a masters program in Leadership from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and a diploma in hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) in Tarzana, California. HMI is the largest, the first, and probably still the only accredited institution of hypnosis education in the country (if I’m wrong about that, I’m open to corrections if you want to email me).

I’ve gone on to sit for and pass the Board Certification exam through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and I am a member in good standing of that professional organization, as well as the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. I’m also a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, (NLP) and you’ll find a lot of of NLP used in my recordings.

My philosophy is that every person’s natural tropism is toward health, both mental and physical. Through imprints and lifestyle choices we sometimes inadvertently and unintentionally get in the way of our natural ability to heal and become whole, mentally, physically and emotionally. With hypnosis and NLP I simply aim to clear away the blockages which allow your natural abilities, as my friend Paul Scheele would say, your natural genius, to shine through.

Your health and healing is the goal here at HypnosisFirst. That’s why all of our recordings are 100% guaranteed, and I remain open to your questions.

Wishing you the best, in all ways,

Cindy Locher, BCH


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