Address Your Stress podcast

Stress is a killer.

Really.  We tend to shrug off stress saying things like, “it’s just stress.” Even if you go to the doctor with serious symptoms that may feel like a heart attack, the doctor is likely to say those words.

“Just” stress?

Listen, if your body is reacting THAT dramatically, it wants you to listen!

The National Geographic Society produces a wonderful documentary a few years ago called Stress: Portrait of a Killer.  I have it in the office and play it in the waiting room sometimes and for groups.  It’s time that we realized that stress can be serious.

Sure, there’s minor stress. And there’s the stress that you “use” to motivate you to meet a deadline, etc.  Some stress is necessary.  There are actually two kinds of stress–and that’s discussed on the podcast you can listen to below.

So, without giving away all of the fun stuff about stress on this podcast, I’ll just say sit back, take a slow breath in and a slower breath out, listen and enjoy.

In the second half of the show I treat you to a full hypnosis session, designed to address that stress and help you relax and center yourself.  Hey, this may be one you want to take the time to do EVERY DAY!  You deserve it!



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