Are you creating your own glass ceilings?

Are you in hypnosis all the time?  Is hypnosis to make a change really “de-hypnotizing” yourself from suggestions you accepted earlier in life?

A couple years ago I was giving a hypnosis demonstration for a group that had hired me as a trainer.  As a demonstration of suggestibility I did a fairly common suggestion for one young lady to have her foot glued to the floor.  This is easily done in a fairly light state of hypnosis, and it worked well.  No matter what she did, that one foot remained stuck tightly to the floor.

She was having fun with it, so I went ahead and gave her an amnesia suggestion, to forget the number four, then we had fun watching her count her fingers to eleven.

Of course I reversed all the suggestions so she could walk and had the number four back before we ended the talk, and I didn’t think a lot more of it at the time.

Then I had an experience of my own, shortly thereafter.  No formal hypnosis this time, I was setting an appointment with my doctor’s office. I had to choose a new doctor since mine had left and after some conversation with one of the nurses, we made a choice and she told me, “but his name is really hard to remember, so just call him Dr. B.”  I didn’t think anything of it and left it at that.  When I got to the appointment, Dr. B. wanted to refer patients to me for smoking cessation, and at that point it became very important to me to remember his full name, and I found I couldn’t.  It took me about three weeks of mental struggle—even though I had his card, I had to work to reverse that suggestion that my mind had accepted — “his name is really hard to remember, so just call him Dr. B.”

This brought me to an amazing realization:  this is happening to us all the time!  Whether through self suggestion or the suggestions we receive from the world around us, we block off access to our abilities all the time, simply by accepting the suggestion that we can’t do something.

Negative suggestions reinforced by experience become beliefs.  If I hadn’t realized what was happening with the “you can’t remember his name” suggestion, realizing that I could over-ride that with my attitude, intention and experience, then I would have continued to reinforce the suggestion.  “I just can’t remember that name!” Eventually this would have become a belief. “His name is just too hard to remember.”

And this is what we do.  We accept our experience as real, and unknowingly reinforce a native suggestion until it becomes a belief.  Then we tend to create a phrase around that belief that makes it not about us and our abilities, but about “the way things are.”  “His name is just too hard to remember;” “business is really hard,” “public speaking is scary.”  Linguistically, we try to turn a belief into a fact.  By doing this, we protect ourselves, our self esteem.  If we rephrased this to represent what is really going on, it would redirect the source of the power and ability to ourselves.  “I have accepted the idea that public speaking is scary for me.”  Now it’s actionable, isn’t it?

This is the way we create our own limiting beliefs; our own personal glass ceilings.

Our abilities and our potentials are blocked off to us in this way, and become impossible to access, because our minds are focused in a way that makes us believe we can’t do something.  These basic trance phenomena are having a profound effect on everyone, all the time – on me, and you.

What suggestions have you inadvertently accepted in your life?  What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?  What would happen if you reversed those negative suggestions about what you can’t do?  Suggestions you’ve received from childhood on?  Which ones are you reinforcing when you talk to yourself?

When you start to realize that our abilities, and everything we experience here in this life are projections of our thoughts — then you begin to grasp the key to experiencing a different reality.  A reality where you are in control of the limits and the outcomes.

Yes, hypnosis is a powerful tool.  And the suggestible nature of our minds is “on” all the time — not just when we are in a formal state of hypnosis.  The suggestions you receive, and most importantly from yourself, define your world, your abilities.  Your can’s and your can’ts.  As the saying goes, “you are your own best hypnotist.”

These experiences I’ve had have given me the realization that the most powerful thing I can do for people is to release them from the trances they are already in — and put the power in their hands, to choose their experience, their reality. To choose to access the abilities and potentials that are their birth right.  Your birth right.

You are your own best hypnotist.  The things you say to yourself are powerful commands to your subconscious mind.

Eliminate the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary, and focus on creating an attitude of potential.  One of my favorite ways to do that is to replace “I can’t” with the phrase, “How can I?”  This phrase opens up your reality to resources that “I can’t” closes you off to.  Combine formal hypnosis with the reinforcement of this new frame for seeing the world — what you want is possible.

So, “how can you” … create the life you desire?

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2 thoughts on “Are you creating your own glass ceilings?

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    That’s so crazy that that suggestion gave you a mental block. I love that you were able to reflect and see the pattern in your life (it’s hard for me to be that self-aware, sometimes). So true that people need to focus on “How can I” over “I can’t”. It’s amazing what we’re all capable of.

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      Hi J.J., thanks for your comment. I think the self reflection in this case was what they call “an occupational hazard.” — recognizing hypnotic phenomena is part of my job. In other areas, I may not be any more self reflective than you. It’s something we can all work on, I think. And yes, we are all capable of FAR more than we recognize in ourselves! Blessings! ~Cindy


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