Are you aware of at least one person that seems to take full advantage of every situation? Anyone who has great success at manifesting what they want and desire in their lives?

You may have felt just a little jealous of the person since it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these exact things with minimal effort as if they were born “lucky.” Well, it really is probably time you realize that the energy of manifestation lies within each of us, and you can make a decision to find out more about it.

Attracting abundance is knowledge. Exactly like any other skill folks have, manifesting is no different. Abilities like playing a drum or making gourmet foods require time and commitment to understand, and hours of practice. So will the skill of manifesting. How good you get, depends upon how you learn the skill and how good it really is applied by you.

You may be looking at this article and thinking, there’s no such thing as manifesting. Or you may already be familiar and comfortable with the concept and applying it to some extent in your life.

I’ve moved through those phases myself, from thinking “that can’t be the way things really work,” to embracing the truth — that how I think about things, and how I think about myself, is the number one influence in what I experience and achieve in this life. Whether that is in relationships, business, or any area of my life.  And whether or not you’re aware of it, it’s at work in your life too. This is one of those areas where “ignorance of the law” doesn’t change the fact that it is in operation.

Henry Ford famously said, “Think you can, or think you can’t – either way, you’re right.” This is at the core of the Law of Attraction, or manifesting.

But I have tried, and I don’t have any luck with manifesting…

Though some folks are better at certain abilities, that doesn’t mean that anyone, with repetition, can’t improve or even surpass the talent of another. Some people just have the mindset that makes this happen for them naturally, without effort. Manifesting abundance comes to them so easily it seems natural, just as a well educated pianist appears to play the piano without effort. They figure out how to believe whole-heartedly that they deserve something; they believe they can; it really is part of their truth. Those are the ones that appear to be born lucky. Luck isn’t how they got there! Don’t compare yourself to them. It’s as if you are learning to play the piano as an adult.

Most people just give up long before they have enough experiences to build up the pattern in their subconscious mind.

I’ll tell you a story.  Long before I heard about The Secret, Law of Attraction or any of these ideas, I found myself at a time in my life when I was ready for a relationship.  Maybe I have a little natural flair for ritual in me, I don’t know.  I was shopping at K-Mart (remember those?) in the frames section (I love picture frames) and saw a frame I liked. But what really attracted me was the fake picture in the frame — you know, the one that comes with the frame? It was a nice looking man, about my age.  Very attractive to me, baseball cap, with a dog-a border collie.  I bought the frame and rather than taking that fake picture out and putting one of my own in, I kept it in there. I put it up on my entertainment center and I got a little candle in a little votive holder. Every night before I went to bed I lit that candle, looked at that picture and simply said, “I’m ready.”  About 3 or 4 months after I started doing this I met the man who is now my husband.  He looks very much like the man in the picture, and that’s no big deal–you could say, “so what, that’s the looks you’re attracted to.” But when I met him he didn’t have a dog. About 6 months after we started dating, one day he shows up with a dog that he rescued from the pound.  A border collie.  My mind flashed to that picture, now hidden in a drawer — did I manifest both this man and the dog?

There’s no scientific way to say yes or no.  This stuff is all experiential.  However, since then I have had more experiences that tell me we are more powerful than we think we are.  Whether we become more aware and open to the opportunities that lead us to achieving our goals through this process or whether, as Paulo Coelho says, “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen,” I don’t know and I don’t pretend to know.

What I do know is this.  Your subconscious mind is always listening to your language, and how you think about yourself, your achievements, or lack thereof, and what conclusions you draw about why you get what you get in life. Whether you feel “at cause” or “at effect.” Whether you focus on the “I can” or the “I can’t.” And I know that this programs a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System which is responsible for then drawing your attention to what is deemed important to you.  Could that draw your attention to opportunities that otherwise you would simply miss?

The first steps in learning to manifest what you want…

Learning how the “law of attraction” functions is the first rung on the ladder in bringing abundance in to your daily life. You can create your personal fact. You can attract riches, happiness and opportunities, etc., into your life when you figure out how to concentrate and focus yourself on them.  A simple ritual like I had with the picture and the candle.  This is why vision boards are so popular.   You probably also know at least one individual (hopefully not you!), who dwells on the negative and focuses on having less, on the lack in their lives. They are drawn to less, to “the lack of.” When you concentrate on “I hate my current work” you then will never notice the areas of your employment that could be satisfying. You must recognize that simply wanting something isn’t likely to bring that to you if you continue to focus on the “lack” of that something. You might have personally experienced that “lack of” attitude and discovered that it blocked you from achieving your desires.

You must learn to concentrate on a specific item or scenario instead of on vague goals like “more money” or “winning money.” When I had my ritual, my focus was VERY specific. So specific I even got a dog in the bargain!  The subconscious mind loves specifics.  If you ask for “more money” and find a nickel on the sidewalk, the subconscious sees this as meeting the goal.  Concentrating on winning the lottery, for instance, is normally fruitless. Although, through good luck, some win lotteries, concentrating on winning the lottery is normally similar to focusing on “the lack of.” Oddly enough, many who concentrate on winning imagine what they could do to greatly help others, even though a lot of those dreams could actually be achieved with their current incomes on a smaller scale already, but they don’t. That is probably because they focus on what they perceive as their “not having, or having so little.” With this attitude they end up believing that those dreams are only possible by winning the lottery. They are actually afraid to act on the dreams for fear that they don’t currently “have sufficient” to offer.

For example, I know several decently paid experts that repeatedly tell me that they would really like to sponsor a foster kid internationally and they would if they won the lottery. They are frightened that they can not currently afford $1 a day, as that may leave them short in case of an emergency. Their focus is on “lack of money” rather than being centered on sponsoring a needy kid. If they are focused on “lack” it will never matter how much cash they have, it’ll never seem like enough to them.

This fear and focus on lack will keep their attention drawn to the areas in of “less” or “lack” in their lives and because of that it will FEEL like that is what their lives consist of.  When in fact they may have as much or even more than others who are meeting those dreams of helping others.  When your life “feels” fearful and full of lack, you are unlikely to even be aware of opportunities that could take you in the direction of richness and fulfillment.  And thus you create your own self-fulfilling prophecy.  Not because you consciously want to, but because you need to become aware of your self messages, and train yourself to think and feel differently about yourself, your life, and your world. You need to regain your personal power.

In the case of these folks, just talking about sponsoring a kid brought their fears out into the open. It would be great if indeed they could trust that assisting a needy child wouldn’t put them at economic risk.

So what I would tell these professionals, who want to sponsor a kid but feel they just can’t, is that they must start to focus on visualizing a starving kid being fed by their contribution; perhaps imagine receiving a wonderful letter from that child, complete with a picture to be placed proudly with other family photos. This would be a positive picture/thought to get that to become reality. Perhaps chat it over with the family to discover how they could make that $1 a day work. This is the first step in learning exactly how to manifest positive things in their lives.

Focus your attention on what you want every day.  My bedtime ritual, it turns out, was doubly effective because that is one of the “magic times” to communicate with your subconscious mind–just before you go to sleep at night. When you do that, your subconscious works on that last, meaningful information as you sleep, organizing and reorganizing your neural pathways to support you achieving your goal. That means programming your Reticular Activating System. So, create a ritual. (No one needs to know but you!) Build a vision board and put it where you can see it and spend a few minutes productively daydreaming every day. Change how you talk to yourself.  Remember — “Think you can or think you can’t — either way, you’re right.” These are the first steps to creating experiences that build up your confidence that you are, in fact, creating your life, and you can do so intentionally.

This same first rung on the ladder will work for all areas of life from healthy, happy relationships to personal prosperity.

Is it your turn to make the the most of out every situation? Could it be your turn to have others see you as “lucky?” Does your current inability to manifest leave your soul wounded or lacking? Do you want to learn all of the steps to manifest in life? You deserve it, and in fact it is time to take action.

My hypnosis download “Attract Abundance” is a powerful way to start making those thought and attitude changes that lead to having positive experiences and increased confidence.  Reclaim your power in your life, start to recognize the role you play in creating your reality. Start today!

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