Connect with Your Higher Spirit

Deepen spiritual connection and awareness with this hypnotic guided meditiation.

Connecting with your higher self, over soul, spirit, God -- regardless of how you refer to this universally expressed presence, connecting and strengthening that connection is the work of your subconscious mind. There is no more powerful way to truly feel and experience that connection than in the hypnotic state.

Your higher spirit is and has always been there, for you, in that still, small voice; a presence felt; in your intuition. Now, from the co-author of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis comes this powerful hypnotic process.

Find lasting peace and acceptance, and answers.

Connecting with your higher spirit opens you to answers that your conscious mind can never reach.  I know first-hand from working with people in my practice while working on the book that, in hypnosis, with an open heart and a well-guided process, your mind is capable of accessing much more information, answers, intuition and truth than you have access to in your conscious state.

I have personally led hundreds of people through this process in my practice and had the honor of compiling a number of those into the book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis.  Those spiritual journeys, and the enlightenment, hope and joy that came through in those sessions compelled me to create this very special audio for you.  You, too can experience a deeper connection, a feeling that you are, indeed, more than what you have perhaps felt or believed before. 

My deeply held belief is that we are all connected. My wish for you is that you will, through this hypnotic journey, discover an ever-expanding connection and all of the gifts that come through that connection.

The answers you receive from your higher spirit have the potential to change your life.

This hypnosis session brings gifts:  Gifts of joy; a sense of peace; answers to your deepest questions and a certain knowledge that we are more than we see on this plane of existence, and much more.

Experience Connecting with Your Higher Spirit today.  Listen often and the experience will expand and deepen.

Using this recording creates:
  • Establish a felt connection with your higher power or spirit.
  • A sense of oneness and connectedness with self and community.
  • The growing ability to access answers to previously unanswered questions in your life.
Reach a stronger, more intimate connection with soul, spirit, higher power. Deepen and move in trust with your higher connection. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97

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