Eliminate Demon Sugar 

Kick sugar in the pants.

Sugar. It’s agreed that in the highly refined form we eat it in, in our diets, in all types of foods, that sugar is toxic to our bodies. Our bodies have not evolved to eat sugar as an ISOLATE, and consuming ever increasing quantities of sugar in processed foods has created an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and worse, the victims of these diseases are getting younger and younger.

Why is the sugar content of our foods so high? The “Bliss Point.” Food engineers deliberately design their products to find the “bliss point,” which is their term for the ratio of fat/sugar/salt that is most addictive to us.

This recording explains how we evolved to consume sugar, how this artificial processing of sugar into an isolate is harmful, why we have so much problem saying no to sugar, and transforms all of this into wisdom that CHANGES FOREVER how you feel when you see a sugary product.

Sugar is addictive. Consuming sugar sets up a feedback loop that sets you up to crave more sugar, which then self-perpetuates.  The results of this addictive cycle includes not only weight gain, but anxiety and poor sleep, all of which feed back into the cycle of addiction.

Watch Cindy explain how this sugar addiction cycle plays into anxiety, poor sleep and more in this video: 


Using this recording creates:

•  Knowledge and understanding of the role sugar plays in our diets;
•  A decreasing desire for sugar and increasing feeling of self control;
•  Forever changes how you feel when you look at sugary foods!

This hypnosis audio features an alpha brainwave protocol to promote a deeper hypnosis experience more quickly!

Forever change how you feel when you look at sugary foods! Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97
Chosen because they work well together, give your healthy habits a boost with both Eliminate Demon Sugar AND Drink More Water. Save $10.00 on the pair. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $24.99

Original release date July 2013






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Eliminate Demon Sugar
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 2 reviews
 by Sheila

These are well done. Not the first I've bought, but this is the first I've reviewed, on this site. This has really helped me to change my behavior on sugar. Also recommend reading the book she references, "sugar, salt, fat" by Michael Moss. Read the book & get this recording and if you don't change I would be surprised.

 by Ted

I have been able to reduce my use of sugar due to listening to this hypnosis.

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