Enjoy Your Holiday Season!

Be present, joyful and truly "there" to appreciate your holiday this year!

Have your holidays been too filled with business and stress?  Have you been so focused on what you "should do, ought to do and must do" that you forget to enjoy the season?  Do you end up at the end of the holiday saying to yourself, "what just happened?"

Remember the joy of the holiday when you were a kid? How everything felt special and you savored the sights, sounds and smells that only came once a year?  

Would you like to have that again? 

What if it COULD be different this year?

Enjoy Your Holiday Season is designed to slow down the busi-ness, to put all the "to-do's in perspective (and even find joy in them!).

This hypnosis session / guided meditation teaches your busy brain to "take a pause" during your holiday-days.  To look up from the business and look around and truly appreciate the meaning, the connections and the experiences of your holiday season.  To savor the unique sights, smells and sounds that only come once a year, and to connect those to your very best and most dear memories, layering your holiday experience with powerful, present, joyful emotions.

Don't "zombie" through your holiday season any more! Become present and awake to the delights with Enjoy Your Holiday Season" hypnosis download.

Note: This is NOT a "Christmas" recording. This audio will work for you whether you celebrate Hanukah, Diwali, Ramadan, Christmas or any other holiday in any part of the world!

Using this recording creates:
  • An appreciation of the holiday experience
  • Puts all those things you have to do into perspective 
  • Recreates a childlike delight in the enjoyment of your holiday season
  • Gives your brain what it needs to "de-stress" so you can be fully present 
Regardless of belief system, be present for and enjoy your holiday!
Price: $17.95


If, for any reason you find that these recordings aren’t working as you expected, please contact us for a full refund of your purchase price at any time within 90 days of your purchase.

See our Guarantee page for complete details.

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Enjoy Your Holiday Hypnosis
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 by BetterBuzzer
Better Perspective 4 the Buzzer

I'm the Buzzer! The holidays are tough for me. Lots of not-so good memories and I usually find myself struggling to get through. So far, much better this year and the only difference is listening to this hypnosis. I listen every day and sometimes more, because if I find myself feeling down if I have time I listen then too. My attention is being drawn to the things I like about the holidays and my wife has even mentioned that I seem to be having an easier time of it this year. Thank you for creating it, I will check out your other titles too.

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