End Fear of Flying

Free yourself from the chains of fear and fly!

Feel comfortable and relaxed on your next flight by listening to this self hypnosis recording before, and if you desire, during your flight.  Has the fear of flying kept you from living life to the fullest?  Where will you go when you no longer feel fear, but instead a sense of complete safety and relaxation? This recorded hypnosis session really works to eliminate your fear, using NLP and hypnosis anxiety techniques.

Just listen and feel the fears melt away.

Listen to this recording both during the days leading up to your travel, to change your anticipation from one of anxiety to one of excitement, and on the flight to invoke a calm and relaxed attitude during flight.

The use of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and hypnosis, causes your mind to “collapse” the old, negative programming that kept your fears alive in the past, by showing your mind the fallacies in the logic that created those fears.  Your mind is then provided with new programming supporting the feelings you want to have on your travels:  that you are safe, calm and relaxed.

Here’s what one customer had to say:

Just wanted to say “Thank you!” The hypnosis really did work. For the most part I Just read and did my crossword puzzles and even looked outside at the ocean. Crazy I tell ya! The flight back was ok but the landing – not so much. We started to land, the tires were on the ground and all of a sudden we had to go back up. Second time we landed we did stay on the ground but we slid a bit because it was so slippery out! Before meeting with you I would have totally freaked out but didn’t so thank you very much!”
— Tammy S. (now able to travel with her family!)

Using this recording creates:

•  The release of the source of the fear;
•  A new, calm and positive attitude toward flying;
•  A new mindset about travel, using Mental Rehearsal.

Fearless, confident, comfortable travel can be yours! Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97
Chosen because they work well together, use Fear of Flying together with Deepest Relaxation. Learn to relax deeply and enjoy your next flight. Save $10.00 on the pair. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $24.99


Original release date August 2008




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End Fear of Flying
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 1 reviews
 by Julie
Got me on a plane!

I have avoided travel and/or traveled with Xanax, alcohol, etc. for years. Mostly just avoided it but I HAD to travel for work so I got this well in advance of needing to get on that plane, determined not to drug my body up just to do this anymore. Plus, none of that really got rid of my fear so the trip was still miserable and I spent all my time at my destination dreading the trip back, which is NO WAY to travel. I did use this daily for 3 weeks before my trip, and I listened to it in the cab ride to the airport and on the plane. I wasn't sure if it was going to do it, I still felt some nerves in the cab ride. But this was 90% better than flying with Xanax, I was amazed! And because the trip out was good, I didn't spend my whole time focused on the trip home and it was even better, probably because of that. Sorry for the rambling message, I am just so thrilled!

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