End Fear of Public Speaking

Imagine your life without the fear!

The confidence to speak in front of others. Fear of Public Speaking is the most common fear, but it doesn’t have to be yours. I’ve helped hundreds of people to overcome their fear of pubic speaking, in front of audiences both large and small.  

Whether your fear stems from the size of the group, who’s in the group, or the type of situation, or even “I don’t know why!”, this hypnosis audio is written with NLP techniques plus hypnosis to change your mind at the subconscious level, over-writing that old fear of public speaking with new feelings of comfort and confidence.

Release the fear to achieve your goal, your way.

For most people, it’s not about becoming a professional public speaker–you just the ability to deliver a work presentation, give a quick update in a departmental meeting, or talk to the boss one-on-one in the hallway and feel comfortable and natural doing so. All of this REALLY CAN be manageable, even comfortable for you.

This recording uses hypnotic techniques to teach your subconscious mind that it is OK to let go of that old fear, and NLP techniques to install new behaviors, allowing you to feel more comfortable very quickly. Many users report feeling more comfortable after just a few listening sessions, and when you combine using this audio with your day to day “real” experiences, the way this audio works it combines those experiences INTO THE RELEARNING PROCESS.

Because of this, you can actually start to LOOK FORWARD to that next opportunity to speak because every time you do you release more of the fear and take on more of your new, desired feelings and behaviors.

Use this recording daily to replace your old, negative associations with YOUR SPECIFIC public speaking situations, with new associations of confidence and comfort.

Imagine how this will benefit your daily life, your positive self-concept, and your career.

Using this recording creates:
  • Release of old fears 
  • Release of past, negative associations
  • New feelings and behaviors centered around increasing confidence and comfort
  • Automatically positive behaviors and perceptions with increasing regularity
Feel confident and comfortable in any situation that held you back in the past. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97
Chosen because they work well together, use End Fear of Public Speaking together with New Behavior Generator. Save $10.00 on the pair. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $24.99
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End Fear of Public Speaking
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 4 reviews
 by Angela

I should have gotten this sooner, but this helped me get through a presentation at school much better than I had thought I would so I would say it helped and i will use it again in the futre-0probably plan a little further ahead next time.

 by Paul

Visualization at the end is good and it has helped me, along with practice.

 by Robert

I think this has helped. I feel less shaky now. I will keep listening, thank you.

 by Pete

This has helped me tremendously. I was having a terrible time with any kind of speaking at work, even our departmental reviews that are just around a table, and only require me to talk for a few minutes. This has made it tolerable, I'm able to do my job again and it is continuing to get easier. Thanks.

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