Focused Bliss

Reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD, naturally

“Still and comfortable.”

That is how my daughter describes how she feels when listening to this recording. What better words could there possibly be to describe what I would want for her?

Other users report that listening to this recording makes the effects of their ADHD medications last up to three hours longer than days when they don’t listen.

People are getting excellent results by alternating listening to this and Cumulative Bliss. You may listen to both recordings on the same day (Focused Bliss in the morning and Cumulative Bliss later in the day) or by alternating days.

Research shows that people with ADD/ADHD may produce too much beta brainwave frequency in the right hemisphere, which is already a busy and emotional hemisphere. This recording soothes the right hemisphere with alpha brainwave frequencies. SMR (Sensorimotor Response) brainwaves are also stimulated in the right hemisphere by this recording. Low SMR in the right hemisphere, research shows, may be related to ADD/ADHD. SMR frequencies make people feel more present and in the moment, which increases focus and attention.

Headphones are required for this recording, because the stimulation is different for the left and right hemispheres.

Focused Bliss will bring a little stillness and comfort into your world. Length: 30 minutes.


Reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD Naturally with Brainwave Entrainment. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $14.97




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