Break Free from the Prison of Anxiety

This hypnosis audio will use anxiety against itself, and turn your mind into your strongest ally.

If you’re like many of my clients, your anxiety has “taken on a life of it’s own.” Anxiety reaches a point where it becomes so much of a habit of the mind that you feel that you’re not in control. But the mind that creates the problem can create the solution, when given the right input.

Your mind is not the enemy. Fear is designed for only one thing–to keep you safe. But when fear overflows its useful role in your life, it actually makes you less safe–by cutting you off from the resources of good decision making, creativity and even your ability to think and remember well. You know what that feels like.

Train your mind to turn a negative into a positive.

This session takes the trigger of fear and anxiety and turns them into a signal that actually creates a calm, relaxation response. In this way, a negative is turned into a positive and the mind learns very quickly to do this automatically at a non-conscious level, meaning that soon calming and relaxation become your instinctual response to situations that, in the past, created an anxious pattern.

which is why hypnosis works so quickly. Freedom from Fear and Anxiety will teach your nervous system a new response, while also teaching your conscious mind the most powerful intervention to interrupt the anxiety cycle. The combination powerfully gives you back a feeling of being in control — which is what most of my clients say they appreciate the most about this work.

Break out of that prison. Your mind is your gateway to freedom, now.

Using this recording creates:
  • Automatically installs a relaxation response to your old triggers
  • Regain your control over emotional reactions
  • Teaches you an easy to learn, highly effective way to turn off anxious reactions
  • Creates a deeper ability to relax, naturally
Train your mind to automatically trigger relaxation and calm any time fear or anxiety begin. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97

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Freedom from Fear and Anxiety MP3
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