Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Getting a better night’s sleep isn’t just a luxury.

Sleep is essential to your health.  Poor sleep creates anxiety, overweight, heart issues, and of course attention, focus and decision making problems.  In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has called lack of sleep a problem of “epidemic” proportions in America. There are costly negative impacts not only on individuals and their health and productivity, but to public health, safety and national productivity.

Insomnia and poor diet habits tend to be a self-reinforcing cycle, as eating poorly — poor management of your blood sugar — creates insomnia, and insomnia in turn increases hunger and urgency to eat resulting in poor choices and therefore poor blood sugar management….and on and on it goes.  I created a video that explains more about how this cycle works and you can find that here.

And it doesn’t have to be full blown “insomnia” to negatively affect your health and your mental and emotional states. I’ve created the infographic below to give you a top-level view of just some of the variety of issues caused by poor sleep.

Make sleep a priority.  Start with good sleep hygiene, a diet that manages blood sugar properly, creating and sticking to a reasonable bedtime, and making bedtime for sleep. Eliminate the gadgets that make noise during the night. The phone doesn’t belong in your bedroom (unless you’re on call for your job). Hypnosis and brainwave entrainment are well known to help with sleep, and I have an audio set designed to help you  to get a good night’s sleep.  If you’re struggling with poor sleep, download it today and start using it tonight. There’s a 90 day guarantee, so it’s risk free and you (and your sleep) are worth it.


2 thoughts on “Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

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    I am obsessed with getting my nine hours in. When I don’t, I’m grumpy, tired, and sometimes get a headache. I have no idea how people live with less than 7 hours on a daily basis. It seems so unhealthy — and you’ve just backed me up on that thought! Thanks for giving me some proof to show my friends:)

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      Thanks, Meg. Yeah, I loves me my sleep! And I love having solid reasons to back me up on that. I’ve been through times in my life, stressful times, when I had sleep problems and poor sleep impacts so many other areas. Enjoy your sleep! Blessings! ~Cindy


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