How motivation really works

Really understanding motivation lets you restructure your life to be more successful.

This is a great 10 minute video featuring information from Daniel Pink.  If you’re not familiar with him, he has written at least 5 books, one of them is Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Now, this video starts out with a business slant, but stay with it (and me) here. Because what we’ve known in the hypnotherapy field for years (decades) is what we tell our clients, what athletes know, and what is finally beginning to be understood in business as well.  Watch the video and you’ll find out what I’m talking about.  And when you understand what true motivation really is, then you can unshackle yourself from the strategies and tactics that have NOT been working, both in your work and other areas of your life, to tap into your purpose and become truly motivated and effective.

Enjoy the video!

So, what is this talking about? What is motivation, really?

Motivation cannot be applied externally.  Whatever it is, an external form of “motivation” is inevitably short-term motivation at best, and backfires at worst.

What really works, and not only works but continues to keep the fires stoked and burning ever brighter over time, is INTERNAL, or “intrinsic,” motivation.

How will you put this information to use in your life?  Where are you achieving less than you might because you’re trying to do it for the wrong reasons? How can you reframe or reposition those things so that you can tap into an internal motivation — a purpose and a passion?  Research proves that you’ll do your best work, and you’ll keep at it tirelessly when you’re working in the areas of purpose and passion–and that creates your BEST chance at success!

Action Steps

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2. Take some time and think about what motivates you internally–what are your passions and areas of purpose? What would you be willing to do for free? What areas of your life are you not feeling motivated in?  Think about what is being used as a “motivational factor” in that area–money? Prestige? Avoidance of pain? How can you tie those activities to something that motivates you from within, to reframe your reasons?

I’m reminded of (of all things) a Simpson’s episode where Homer quits his job and has a bowling alley, which goes terribly wrong and has to beg for his job back.  He posts images of his daughter Maggie all over the walls which ends up changing a sign on the wall from “You’ll be doing this forever” to end up saying “Do … it….for….her.”  This is the type of meaningful reframe that can provide motivation, even in the most challenging of situations.

You can do even better, and truly tap into a passion and a purpose that allows you to feel motivated and energized, now that you have this understanding!




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