How to deal with difficult people

How to deal with difficult people — and come out on top!

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”  ~Dale Carnegie

Emma had finally landed her dream job almost a year ago. She loved the work and got along with almost everyone in her department.

Yet the last few weeks, Emma was beginning to hate to go to work each morning.

She had a coworker who was a ‘know it all’ and always insisted on his way of doing things. He refused to consider others’ opinions or ideas, claiming his answers and solutions as the only “correct” ones. He was loud and abrasive, constantly interrupting Emma and her fellow workers when they were speaking. When he was asked to please not interrupt or to give others a chance to speak, he acted surprised, defensive, and confused that there could be a problem with his behavior around his coworkers.

Emma and a few of her coworkers had met privately with their supervisor about this difficult person. While their supervisor listened and seemed sympathetic, he didn’t give any solutions to help them. Emma felt alone and unsupported. What could she do? Meetings and group team times were becoming a nightmare. She actually felt physically sick.

Do you have a coworker like Emma does who makes the workplace a misery? What can you do when someone is absolutely impossible to be around or to work with? 

The simple steps in this article may help save you much frustration and even perhaps your job.

Up Next:  The first thing you have to know to turn this situation around in your favor.

6 thoughts on “How to deal with difficult people

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    It’s so tempting to engage with a difficult person. And I agree, usually they are fishing for some sort of confrontation and ignoring them can be the best way to diffuse and disengage. Walking away can be your best friend — great tip!

    • at

      Hi Jen, Yes, what you’re observing is true. Have you heard of conversational Judo? I think it’s a Dr. Thompson who teaches it. You can search on it and find books, YouTube videos, etc. It’s excellent training and a good skill set to have when people want to engage in the way you’re describing. I’m glad you liked the article! ~Cindy


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