How to keep your motivation going

Keeping Your Motivation Going 

This time of year, motivation gets a lot of time in the limelight. Motivation to lose weight, motivation to achieve new goals, motivation to exercise, motivation to kick the habit — whatever your reason and goal, you need motivation to achieve it.

The studies say that getting that motivated is easy–for a few days.  By the third week of January, most people’s motivation has waned and they’ve succumbed to the sweet siren song of the comfort of their old ways.

This is no way to make a positive change in your life. But how to keep the motivation going, consistently, so you can reach your goal?

Tips to Staying Focused and Consistent

Motivation is the key to accomplishing things but it’s not always easy to stay consistent. Even those with strong motivation, sometimes their motivation can gradually decrease because what once seemed new and shiny becomes the grunt work of getting it done.

But there are ways that keep your motivation going, stay positive and remain focused on what you need to do! So, here are some tips for keeping your motivation strong to carry you over your personal finish line!

Set Exciting Goals for Yourself 

If you don’t have a goal, you will find your life to be unfocused and seemingly pointless. Without dreams or goals, you will find nothing exciting to do and nothing motivates you. To change the course of your life, find something that you like and think about goals that actually excite you. Think of objectives that inspire you, make a big impact in your life or something that can benefit others. And, as I mention in an earlier article about motivation hacks, don’t censor your reasons for setting a goal, or you’ll rob yourself of the energy and power behind it.

Remind Yourself That You’re In Charge 

There are plenty of reasons that could get you off track. It could be self doubt, fear that you will make a mistake and don’t succeed and many other concerns. In terms of this, you need to remind yourself that goals are flexible and you’re the one in charge. It’s your call whether to change it, keep going, revise or just dump them altogether. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have a choice but actually, you do if only you would remind yourself that you are in charge. Paradoxically, this one really helps you to renew your motivation.  We like to feel in control.

Think About Things You’ve Already Achieved 

Achieving your goals could sometimes take a while, especially if it’s long term goals. It often involves steps that toward your main goal and you are slowly accomplishing each of them. During the long run of accomplishing your goals, it’s easy to get distracted and feel hopeless. To keep your motivation going, look back on your past achievements and remind yourself that hard work pays. When you feel like you’re losing motivation, think of how you accomplished your achievements so far. When I used to have a j-o-b, before I started my private practice, I would spur my motivation by updating my resume, plugging in the new skills and accomplishments I’d achieved over the past few months.  Never failed to give me renewed enthusiasm for myself and my goals.

Remind Yourself of Reasons Behind Your Goals Often 

When things become overwhelming and you feel like giving up, one way to keep up your motivation is by reminding yourself of the reasons behind your goals in life. Taking the time to explore these reasons again will help reinvigorate you, renew your focus and keep you encouraged to continue on your goals. In order to really follow through your goals, it is important that you have solid reasons that actually make sense to you.

Staying motivated consistently is not always an easy feat. But if you have strong reasons and goals you want to achieve, then you have taken the first step towards success. 

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    This was so timely — thanks for the advice. I am terrible about keeping my New Year’s goals. I really like the idea of reminding myself that I’m in charge, because I feel like it can be really easy to act like I have no control over anything, when I actually have complete control over my behavior and choices.


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