Anger Management


Anger Management


Anger Management Hypnosis

Using ​​​​​this recording creates:

  • A calmer demeanor in general
  • An automatic “mental shift” that calms you down when faced with old triggers
  • Teaches you to easily calm yourself down and prevent outbursts
  • Frees your mind from those peptides so you can think with a calm head and choose to respond, rather than react

Learn to control your anger with self hypnosis

We all get angry from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s when we get angry at things that aren’t important enough, or at specific people who are damaged by our anger, or when anger becomes more of a “default, automatic” reaction to things that it becomes a problem. So it isn’t anger in and of itself that’s a problem.

If you carry around that anger, however, it can hurt you. Anger hurts. It creates problem situations.  It hurts relationships.  It hurts you — physically, mentally and emotionally. Anger causes the hypothalamus to release tiny little proteins called peptides.

The peptides then become attached to our cells like little magnets. Our bodies then become “addicted” to those attachments, seeking more and more anger to feed them. Anger can easily become a habit.

People who often explode in hostile rages or who sit around fuming over every slight, real or not, may be making themselves sick. Dr. Redford Williams, a researcher in behavioral medicine at Duke University Medical Center says, “Our studies indicate that anger is right up there with any other health hazard we know about.”

Research suggests that chronic anger is so damaging to the body that it ranks with cigarette smoking, obesity and a high-fat diet as risk factors for early death.

When people are angry they can’t think straight and therefore don’t make the best decisions. Their concern becomes about getting revenge, being right or punishing another person with their wrath. Judgment is impaired when we’re livid about something so we often say and do things we later regret. You know the drill. Anger can really eat at you… especially when it becomes chronic.

Hypnosis is an effective way to change your anger reactions.

You know if it’s time for you to try something different to get a handle on your anger.  Self hypnosis works directly with the part of the brain that produces emotions — your subconscious mind.

Using this hypnosis mp3 directly affects that part of your mind, creating change that feels natural and doesn’t require the constant self-reminders that conscious processes require.

If it’s time for you to get control of your anger, order Anger Management Hypnosis today.  You’ll be starting to create your change right away with our instant digital download.