Complete Sleep Solution

$37.95 $26.95


Complete Sleep Solution

$37.95 $26.95

You get all three audios:  End Insomnia Hypnosis Audio, Blissful Sleep Delta Brainwave Entrainment, and Drift Off to Sleep Hypnosis Audio.

Using this collection creates:

  • The ability to fall asleep quickly and easily;
  • To stay asleep throughout the night;>
  • If you should awaken during the night, the ability to return to sleep within minutes or seconds;
  • Waking up refreshed and full of energy in the morning.
  • The added benefit of brainwave entrainment to train your mind to produce the right brainwave frequencies to create deep, restful sleep

Listen to End Insomnia any time during the day and then play Blissful Sleep by your bedside to help you fall and stay asleep.  Listen to it just once as you fall asleep, or put it on repeat to keep you in the brainwave of sleep all night long, if waking at night is an issue for you. Or if you prefer hypnosis to fall asleep to, use Bedtime Hypnosis: Fall Asleep as you drift off to the best night’s sleep you’ve had in quite some time.  Remember, there’s a 90 day guarantee on all HypnosisFirst products, because we want you to get results.

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THREE Hypnosis Sessions PLUS  Delta Brainwave Entrainment for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Troublesome insomnia?  If you suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia, I don’t have to tell you how it feels.   The nights laying awake, looking at the clock every half hour and maybe finally falling asleep about an hour before you know you have to get up anyhow, feeling utterly exhausted the next day.  Only to have the scenario repeat the following night.  Or having occasional bouts of insomnia that last from one to several nights.If this sounds like you, then you also know the price you pay for the poor sleep.  The extra hunger the next day, the sluggish brain, the inability to focus and concentrate.  It affects your job, your relationships, and your overall health.

Insomnia has been linked to other health issues as well, including overweight, anxiety, depression, diabetes and more.

Eliminate insomnia with the combination of the self hypnosis recordings End Insomnia and Bedtime Hypnosis, and the natural sleep remedy of Blissful Sleep, the brainwave entrainment recording designed to place you into a deep, natural, restorative state of sleep and keep you there.  Brainwave entrainment uses the science of your brain’s own rhythms to correct electrical imbalances that keep you in a waking state.  People all over the world are using Blissful Sleep to get a great night’s sleep, naturally.

In addition, you receive a hypnosis session designed to fall asleep to, Bedtime Hypnosis: Fall Asleep.  This track has no waking suggestions and is designed to help you fall asleep naturally using a hypnotic induction known as “the Betty Erickson Induction” which brings your attention gently from the outside world, to your inner world. From there a variety of suggestions and metaphors deepen your sleep and your subconscious mind is provided with suggestions to sleep throughout the night, and return to sleep easily should you waken. There are no traditional waking suggestions on this track; the music softly fades into the background so you can continue to sleep undisturbed when it ends.Insomnia can be caused by worry and stress, or because your brain has somehow gotten into a habit of producing the wrong brainwave patterns.  Falling asleep naturally involves your brain shifting from the busy, daytime brainwave pattern of Beta, to Alpha, where you start to have half-thoughts and half dreams, feeling restful and dreamy, and then down into Theta and finally Delta, the brainwave of deep, dreamless, restful sleep.  When you have insomnia, your brain is “stuck” in Beta, and the thoughts of the day seem impossible to turn off.  That’s where the sleep brainwave entrainment frequency protocol of Blissful Sleepcomes in, training your mind to move down into the slower brainwaves of sleep.

Hypnosis is extremely effective in eliminating insomnia, chronic or occasional.  In fact, a common side-effect, if you will, of hypnosis is better sleep–even in people who don’t have insomnia.  A comment I frequently hear from my clients on their second trip to the office is how well they slept during the week after their first session.  Paired with suggestions to eliminate insomnia and create sound, deep, restful sleep, hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for addressing insomnia, and all drug-free and natural.