Deepest Relaxation


Deepest Relaxation


If you think you know how to relax, experience going even deeper with this recording. If you have trouble relaxing, you may finally be able to achieve a state of relaxation that allows you to experience true rejuvenation.

Using this recording creates:

  • The deepest states of both physical and mental relaxation, through hypnosis and brainwave entrainment
  • Powerful elimination of stress
  • A balanced state where the immune system can be optimized
  • A rejuvenated energy to take you through the rest of your day

Give your mind and body the amazing health benefits of true, deep relaxation.

Discover how relaxed you can become.

Deep relaxation.

Nothing can create the depth of relaxation, both body and mind, that hypnosis can.

I am always amazed, and sometimes a little sad, when new clients tell me, “that is the most relaxed I have EVER felt.” I’m continually amazed at the ability of hypnosis to create this depth of relaxation, and I am sad because everyone deserves this level of relaxation and they shouldn’t ever go without this! It’s so healing for all levels of the body and mind.

This recording takes you deep and then takes you deeper…

…using theta brainwave entrainment to help guide you as well. Had a tough day? Feeling under the weather? Deep, total relaxation like this brings the body and mind into a state called homeostasis, where your subconscious mind can boost the immune system, heal and repair tissues, and your mind can properly integrate memories and experiences in a healthy way.

Altogether, this is a necessary physiological state that is required by the body and mind for healing and optimal performance.