Drift Off to Sleep


Drift Off to Sleep


Train your brain to fall asleep quickly and easily, whenever you want to.

Installing skills and behaviors at the subconscious level is what hypnosis and NLP are all about and this hypnosis download is no different.  You don’t need to focus on what is being said or not being said on this audio. Just allow the words and sounds to wash over you and naturally slow your brainwaves down so you can fall asleep naturally.

Get Drift Off to Sleep and start getting the sleep you want, need and deserve.

Using this recording creates:

  • Breaks old patterns of taking too long to fall asleep or go back to sleep
  • Uses brainwave patterns to eliminate sleep problems
  • Teaches you skills you can use anytime to fall asleep more easily
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Fall Asleep Faster!

Drift off to sleep quickly and easily any time of the night

Whether you have a hard time falling asleep to begin with or wake during the night and then can’t get back to sleep, this hypnosis mp3 is designed to help you.

Getting the right amount and depth of sleep is essential to health.  Lack of proper sleep is linked to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety and depression.  

Plus it’s just plain frustrating to not be able to fall asleep when you want to! Nobody wants to have sleep problems.

Drift Off to Sleep uses the brainwaves to lull you to sleep

Unlike other hypnosis downloads available here that wake you up at the end, that is not the case with Drift Off to Sleep.  Because once you get back to sleep the last thing you want is a hypnotic suggestion to wake back up!  The end of this recording repeats the count from 5 down to 0, taking your brainwaves down slower and leaving you in a sleeping state.

Repeated use of this hypnosis download builds skills to go back to sleep, breaks your old pattern of remaining awake for too long to naturally eliminate sleep problems. Whether you are the type that starts thinking (which takes your brainwaves in the wrong direction, AWAY from sleep), worries in the night or you just lie there not thinking of anything in particular, your brain has gotten used to a pattern.  This audio trains in a new pattern of falling back asleep quickly, and your brain will then follow that pattern once it has been established.

Imagine having desired skills and behaviors installed, at a subconscious level. This is the closest thing to effortless change.