End Insomnia


End Insomnia


Hypnosis is amazingly effective for insomnia. Get a better night’s sleep tonight!

Listen to End Insomnia any time during the day and especially before bedtime. Also great paired with the Blissful Sleep recording in the Complete Sleep Solution package.

Using this recording creates:

•  The ability to fall asleep quickly and easily;
•  To stay asleep throughout the night;
•  If you should awaken during the night, the ability to return to sleep within minutes or seconds;
•  Waking up refreshed and full of energy in the morning.
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Get a better night’s sleep, naturally.

Insomnia responds incredibly well to hypnosis, and this self hypnosis recording is designed to eliminate underlying subconscious reasons for your insomnia while enhancing your ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep.  Get the rest your mind and body need, naturally.If you suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia, I don’t have to tell you how it feels.  And I’ve been there.  The night’s laying awake, looking at the clock every half hour and maybe finally falling asleep about an hour before you know you have to get up anyhow, feeling utterly exhausted the next day.  Only to have the scenario repeat the following night.  Or having occasional bouts of insomnia that last from one to several nights.

If this sounds like you, then you also know the price you pay for the poor sleep.  The extra hunger the next day, the sluggish brain, the inability to focus and concentrate.  It affects your job, your relationships, and your overall health.

Insomnia has been linked to other health issues as well, including overweight, anxiety, depression, diabetes and more.

Hypnosis is extremely effective in eliminating insomnia, chronic or occasional.  In fact, a common side-effect, if you will, of hypnosis is better sleep–even in people who don’t have insomnia.  A comment I frequently hear from my clients on their second trip to the office is how well they slept during the week after their first session.  Paired with suggestions to eliminate insomnia and create sound, deep, restful sleep, hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for addressing insomnia, and all drug-free and natural.

“I slept ALL night last night!!! Not even up to use bathroom or drink of water, nothing. I am not walking around in a fog today. Feel better today than have in months.”  Shellie S.