Make Good Choices Hypnosis Session


Make Good Choices Hypnosis Session


Make Good Choices Hypnosis Session

Start doing something different.  I wrote Make Good Choices to help my in-office weight loss clients, some of whom have lost 70 pounds using hypnosis, when “nothing else” worked for them.

Using this session:

  • creates a subconscious, level-of-identity change so that it’s not about willpower any more
  • integrates your new sense of self discipline with a sense of self-love, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out
  • a natural tendency to make the healthy choice, in a matter of fact way that says “this is just who I am”

Download Make Good Choices today and start doing something different!

Here’s to your health!

Make Good Choices Hypnosis Session

Do you have trouble making good choices?

Feel like that little devil on your shoulder has the stronger voice?

Do you feel like it’s just easier to notice and be tempted by the things you know are bad choices for you?

It’s a familiar story: you make a decision to get on track, to get healthy and then something pulls you off your course. Maybe it’s spouse who eats late at night, or just can’t stop stocking tempting snack food.  Or it’s a birthday party at work.  Or a holiday.  Or, or, or…

You know the truth is, life just keeps happening.  It’s not whether or not there are temptations in your life, because they will always be there.  We live in a food-abundant world.  What matters is choices you make.

So how can you stay motivated and eliminate those unhealthy choices from your “temptation vocabulary?”

You know the saying — if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

No doubt you’ve learned a few things by now.  Such as:

Temptations will always be there.  “It’s always something.” … So, you can’t make YOUR results dependent on things that are outside of your control.

Yes, certain people like to keep you where you are.  It’s not just your imagination that certain people (you know who they are) try to push your favorite foods on you more when you’ve said you’re going on a diet or when they notice that you’ve lost weight.  For some people, your positive changes are threatening.  And this is also outside of your control.

Willpower doesn’t work.  Willpower is what they call a finite resource.  You wake up in the morning with “X” amount of willpower, and every time you bite your tongue or take a deep breath because of traffic, or that co-worker, or your in-laws, some of that willpower is used up.  By the mid-afternoon or end of the day, it’s gone.  And then it’s just you, and that devil on your shoulder.  What is going to happen during the day to use up your willpower is also outside of your control.

It’s time to do something different.  It’s time to change your INNER controls!

And that’s what we do with hypnosis.  You know how some people just naturally sail by the jar of candy on the receptionist’s desk?  Who make good choices no matter what, because that’s how they’re wired.  That can be you!

Creating that inner control is the key, because that’s the only thing you really have any control over (clearly, as we’ve demonstrated, right?).