Restore Your Personal Power Hypnosis Download


Restore Your Personal Power Hypnosis Download


Reclaim your personal power from people and events, past and present. Be whole in your energy once again.

Using this recording creates:

  • Clears out your head and heart space for the people and events in your life that give you energy
  • Restores you to a feeling of being ready to embrace the word
  • Clears out unhealthy emotional enmeshments and entanglements from both people and past happenings in your life
  • May even eliminate physical issues that were “body syndrome” symptoms of unhealthy emotional ties

Restore Your Personal Power 

Reclaim your personal power from people and events in your life; feel in control of your energy again

Golly we give our personal power away, unintentionally, in this life, don’t we?

Those people who get under our skin, some of whom aren’t even in our lives any more — do they deserve to be taking up space and energy in your head and your heart? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel that twinge whenever you think of that particular event from your past?  How would it feel to be whole and renewed again? To be centered on who you are NOW?

Reclaim your emotional energy! Stop “renting space” in your head & heart!

Amazing things happen when people cut those cords in love.  I had a client who came in to release the guilt she carried because of choosing to have a Down’s Syndrome baby. A young man who, in her words, “personified love.” But her family had caused her to feel guilty and she carried that guilt in her subconscious and her body, even though consciously she knew that wasn’t necessary.

After going through this process, she told me the terrible pain in her shoulder was gone. She hadn’t even told me she had a pain (because she hadn’t connected it to the emotional “burden” she carried). She said she had tried everything, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, everything but nothing had even touched the pain.  But after this process, it was … gone. This is what we call a “body syndrome,” or sometimes called “organ language.” The body will reflect the emotional pain being carried — in achey necks, sore backs, even limps and many other ways.

Whether you experience relief of physical discomfort, or the as-profound feeling of being clear to be in the now, not dragged into the past or into another person’s drama or energy vortex, this process is very freeing, and brings powerful, clean energy into your mind, heart and spirit.

Emotionally release others.  Know and allow that they can take care of themselves.  You are in fact doing them a favor in doing this. Release the past. It’s not really there anyway.  Live in the now, and be free to move into your future!