Self Acceptance


Self Acceptance


This recording will help you develop your “Acceptance Muscle.”

Growing your sense of acceptance will increase your sense of peace, and of control over your own emotional state.

Using this recording creates:

  • Release of negative self concept
  • Elimination of negative feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and regret
  • Acceptance of yourself as more than good enough, just as you are
  • A sense of loving kindness toward others, and acceptance of them just as they are

Find peace by beginning to accept yourself just as you are.

Self Acceptance.

It’s amazing how free and peaceful you can feel when you find acceptance of yourself.

You ARE perfect, just the way you are, and the path to acceptance of your self and your life leads to peace.

This recording is for you if you are a perfectionist; if you are concerned about what others think (or what you think others think) of you; or if you continually feel that your best is not good enough.

“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.” ~ Unknown

Just as Michelangelo removed the excess marble to reveal the beautiful sculpture that already existed in the rock, YOU can find self acceptance through a process of releasing. This audio takes you to a new path within, through release of self recrimination, judgment of self and others, and concern for what others think, to a place of peace where you find acceptance of yourself. From this new place of self acceptance, you will move into a loving kindness meditation, sending the limitless energy of love flowing through you from source of creation, to the entire world around you.