Unbreakable Self Hypnosis for Resilience


Unbreakable Self Hypnosis for Resilience


Increases Psychological Resilience, the ability to bounce back and come back strong.

Using this recording creates:

  • A deep sense and appreciation of the supportive resources around and within you
  • A feeling of personal power over adversity in life
  • A sense of hope and optimism to carry you through challenging times
  • A reinvigorated sense of motivation, literally drawing you toward your goals with great decision making abilities

The Unbreakable Self Hypnosis Downlad

Develop the powerful personal resilience to handle whatever life throws at you

Life can throw some pretty wicked curve balls at you. I know I’ve had my share. Some I’m still dealing with — but that’s the point, I AM “dealing.” 

More than just dealing, I’m creating, moving forward, and having joyful, meaningful moments with family and friends.  Finding support from without and within. And you can have this too. It makes chronic pain softer, quieter; it makes business and relationship challenges feel temporary, it helps me keep perspective. What is “it”?

It’s called Psychological Resilience.

You can’t take it in a pill, it’s not an herb, there’s no homeopathic prescription for it.  But you CAN find it within yourself, and strengthen it.  It’s already within you.  It makes you tough like a diamond, and helps you find the parts of your life that truly shine, no matter what.  That’s why I chose a diamond to represent this amazing psychological quality.

Personal resilience has a lot going for it.  It’s the attitude of hope and optimism that can mean the difference for people with cancer; it’s the inner quality that lets one person ask themselves, “how can I?” in the face of adversity rather than giving up.  It lets you make really excellent lemonade out of those lemons life will inevitably hand you from time to time.

This recording installs each of the components of resilience identified by psychology, elevates them to a genuinely felt strength within you and then anchors them, so that you don’t have to even think about these amazing resources of support and strength; they go with you.  You will find that with repeated listening you move through life with a greater sense of perspective, seeing the big picture in your life instead of getting mired down in what is just a moment. As I tell my clients, “look at the trend line, not the data points.” You’ll feel more supported, hopeful and motivated, too, which will give you much more success in whatever you aspire to.