Hypnosis for Anxiety, Fears & Phobias

Anxiety, fears and phobias can be major "stop signs" in our lives, preventing us from living the full life that we deserve. You can train your mind to let go of your fears with hypnosis.

"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."  ~Bertrand Russell

Anxiety, fears and phobias are like prisons of the mind, created by the mind. We become our own jailer.

All fears, phobias and anxieties are learned responses, housed in the subconscious mind.  Because of this, conscious efforts to change your fearful reaction can be either ineffective, or very slow to work.  Hypnosis addresses the issue at the level of mind where it can be changed; many people report beginning to feel better after just one self hypnosis session and most report considerable change within three weeks.

All HypnosisFirst Hypnosis Downloads for Anxiety, Fears & Phobias:

Freedom from Fear and Anxiety  Turn your mind into your strongest ally.

End Your Fear of Public Speaking  Become a confident, comfortable speaker.

End Your Fear of Dentists  Be calm and relaxed at the dentist.

End Your Fear of Flying  Become a fearless flyer.

Unbreakable Self  Develop resilience in the face of challenges; build trust in yourself.

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed  Create a calmer mind and a more manageable feeling life.

Restore Your Personal Power  People and events in our lives can steal our personal power; restore yours with this hypnosis mp3.

Project: Emotions in Control​  Pay less and get more. A collection of hypnosis downloads that work better together.

You may also benefit from:

Stop Racing Thoughts

Deepest Relaxation  Restore physical and emotional balance by giving yourself the gift of deep relaxation.

Present Moment  Depression is about the past; anxiety is about the future. Learn the art of mindfulness and being in the present.

Transform Your Past​  Feel differently about events in your past so that they don't affect you today.


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