Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you're one of those people who get anxious about having your blood pressure taken, you know the frustration of getting a false reading on your blood pressure.

Maybe you remember how it started, or maybe not.  I've seen quite a lot of people in my practice for help with lowering their blood pressure when it's being taken, or "white coat syndrome."  Sometimes it begins with a stressful time and a blood pressure reading taken when you're under stress and suggestible.  Maybe the doctor or nurse said something that reinforced your concern, and the next time you went in you found it difficult or impossible to relax when the blood pressure cuff went on your arm.  This is just one of the common scenarios I've heard from multiple clients.

Regardless of how it began for you, "the mind that created the problem can create the solution.

This hypnosis audio gives you both control over lowering your blood pressure, AND control over how you respond when having your blood pressure taken.

Your blood pressure is an important indicator of health.  Reduce your blood pressure and eliminate false readings so you can take better control of your health today.

Lower your blood pressure so that you can get a true, accurate reading for your health.
Price: $17.95
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