Mind Music Ultimate Library

Accelerate progress toward your goal with our complete library of brainwave entrainment audios.

This amazing collection of 15 brainwave entrainment titles gives you a complete tool kit for changing your brainwave patterns to create what you desire.

Looking to create slower, calmer brainwaves to reduce anxiety and stress?  Choose theta band Cumulative Bliss or Alpha Meditation. 

Reduce symptoms of ADD? Focused Bliss

Increase your physical health and boost immune system? Schumann's Resonance.

And more...you also get Focus Maximizer, Creativity Booster, I.Q. Booster, Lucid Dreaming, Raise Your Spirits, Migraine Relief, 10 Minute Recharge, Memory Maximizer and Whole Brain Harmonizer, Audio Caffeine and Blissful Sleep Delta.

The Ultimate Library is by far your best value for brainwave entrainment.

There's no need to choose when you can get all 15 of these high quality mp3s covering such a wide variety of applications for just $6.33 per audio.

The Ultimate Library will be a collection you come back to over and over again for years!

The Ultimate Library
  • 15 high quality brainwave entrainment audios
  • Applications for physical, mental and spiritual development
  • No risk!  Carries our 90 day money back guarantee
15 Brainwave Entrainment titles, over $200 in value, for just $97.97–Just $6.53 per audio!
Price: $97.97


If, for any reason you find that these recordings aren’t working as you expected, please contact us for a full refund of your purchase price at any time within 90 days of your purchase.

See our Guarantee page for complete details.

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