Project: Better Habits

Project:  Better Habits


“Motivation gets you started.  HABIT keeps you going.”  ~ Jim Rohn

It’s so true.  If you want to make changes in your life, from the small to the grand, consistency is key.  You know this from personal experience.  Think of any behavior you’ve tried to change in the past.  When you’ve immediately latched onto consistency, that change stuck and served you well.  Those times when you’ve slid back into old behaviors, however, you’ve prevented yourself from developing new habits that put the achievement of your goal on auto pilot.

That’s really what good habits are all about.  Putting your goals on auto pilot.

Imagine taking control in these key areas of your life–dietary, sleep, organization, procrastination.  Imagine programming your mind to be deeply ready, primed for change, and see your new habits guide you toward success.

When you use this program, start with Ultimate Change Readiness for 1 to 2 weeks, to prime your mind to accept the positive suggestions on the rest of the audios.  If you sense or know that something in your past is holding you back from putting success on autopilot, then use Transform Your Past for 2 weeks next.  Then, simply choose the recording that creates change in the area you need most, continuing through the recordings as the changes become easy, natural and automatic.  Interchange any audio with New Behavior Generator to accelerate the change using NLP.

This Gold Collection includes the following self hypnosis audios:

Ultimate Change Readiness
End Clutter & Procrastination
New Behavior Generator
Transform Your Past
Natural Weight Release
Eliminate Demon Sugar
Complete Sleep Solution

Plus a BONUS audio, Increase Self Respect.  As you develop better habits you will naturally feel better toward and about yourself. Listen to Increase Self Respect to deepen and accelerate this process!

Eight powerful self hypnosis and NLP audios, a $160 value for half the price, just $67.  Get started today and put YOUR success on autopilot through the power of better habits!

Original release date: September 15, 2013


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Project: Better Habits
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 by JB

Along with conscious effort and just really wanting to make changes at this point in my life (48 years old), it's just time to change, and this is making it easier. The recordings are nicely done, pleasant, the person on the recordings has a very soothing voice so these are enjoyable to use and are helping me get over the hump on making the changes I want to at this time in my life.

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