The Emotional Freedom Self Hypnosis Collection
Eliminate fears, become resilient, put that Monkey Mind to bed and feel in control of your thoughts and emotions with this one of a kind collection.

Wanting to feel in control, or the fear of being out of control, is the number one wish I hear from my clients.  This is a collection of my best sessions for creating a calm, centered mind, offered at a reduced price so that you can benefit from the combined effects of these sessions.
Like my other collections, these recordings do work synergistically with each other.  Together, they allow you to make progressive positive change and as always, you are in control.

Start with Reduce Busy Thoughts if you’re not familiar with self hypnosis, to condition your mind to moving into the focused state that is hypnosis. You’ll find that this one hypnosis download, used repeatedly, will become a process that you can use even outside of the hypnotic state, to slow and calm your brainwaves whenever you feel things spinning up and threatening to take you for a ride (you know what I mean.)

From there, choose the titles that reflect your most important goals and work with each recording one at a time.  As you experience change, progress through the titles, using one title for between 2 and 4 weeks at a time before moving to the next.  As you move through this powerful self-directed change program, you may want to keep a journal to note your changes in feelings and behaviors, and the comments of others.  This gives you a way to set goals and review changes as you progress.

This collection includes the following titles:

Freedom from Fear & Anxiety
Restore Your Personal Power
The Unbreakable Self: Personal Resilience
Reduce Busy Thoughts: Eliminate Overwhelm
No Longer Shy

and a bonus recording, Motivation Increaser.

All these titles purchased separately would be over $100.  You get them for half price by purchasing them as a program, which is a more powerful way to use the recordings as well!
You deserve to be the best you can be! Give your self the gift of emotions in control.
Download the entire collection!
10 Powerful Hypnosis Audios for just $49!
Over $100 worth of best quality hypnosis recordings for just $49!






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