Self hypnosis to help you bounce back from hard times

Self hypnosis to help you bounce back!

Life can be tough.  St*ff happens. (Hey, this is a PG website!).  One of the primary psychological hallmarks of people who adapt to life and stay in the flow (or get back in the flow quickly) despite everything that life can and does throw at you, is called psychological or personal resilience.

I am a BIG fan of resilience. I’ve been through St*ff.  You have too.  When you go through stuff it’s normal to have a period of time when you’re not yourself, not at your best.  Moving through loss, anger, hurt, resistance to change, even depression and anxiety is normal. And that is an important message to hear, by the way — our society today tends to send the message that if you’re not happy ALL the time, then there’s something wrong. Not so. It’s ok to feel bad sometimes.

But for how long? That’s really what resilience is about.  How quickly and how well do you bounce back from negative things happening in your life? Would you like to bounce back more quickly? You CAN. You can train your mind to focus on a more positive future, even when the going is tough. You can spend less time in the doldrums, climb out of that hole more quickly, get back on the horse…whatever metaphor you prefer!

The video below contains a complete session that I created, written with real psychology behind it (as are all my recordings).  This session focuses on strengthening the psychological components that make up personal resilience, that ability to bounce back: being positive yet realistic; maintaining connections and relationships; determination with flexibility; self-awareness and self-compassion.

You don’t have to watch the video–nothing exciting happens visually.  Close your eyes. Put on some headphones. Just listen, and listen often.  Train your subconscious mind to focus on your world a little bit differently.  It’s the same world, but how you perceive it truly makes all the difference.

I hope you enjoy, I hope you benefit. Please email me or comment below (or on YouTube) and let me know how you enjoy this and what else I can do for you.

Love & Grace,

Cindy Locher


2 thoughts on “Self hypnosis to help you bounce back from hard times

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    Sure. Training the mind to perceive every negative situation as just a process is actually helpful. I like the ‘I CAN” suggestion you also included. I really like this post.

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      Thanks Lisa! Thank you for your comments, I hope to hear from you more in the future! ~Cindy


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