Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage got you down?

Why did I DO that??

Self sabotage is a frustrating reality for many people.  You know, it doesn’t have to be as confusing as it maybe has been for you in the past, because in this episode of The Hypnotic Radio Hour, Cindy Locher and her co-host Jody Kimmell explain the subconscious reasons behind self sabotage.

Self sabotage may feel like a mystery but there are reasons behind it and once you understand those reasons you can take control.  A very wise man named Milton Erickson, who was the father of modern hypnotherapy, said that everyone’s problems stem from “a mind that is out of rapport with itself.” You can certainly see that plainly in the behavior of self sabotage: on a conscious level you want to do something and you are certain of it.  On a subconscious level, though, there are values or conflicting beliefs that are holding you back.

Self sabotage can show up in many ways: as procrastination, forgetting a deadline or commitment, or producing a poor result. Even accidents and illness can be due to the attempts of your subconscious mind to save you from a goal that is out of alignment with a belief or value.

Don’t feel bad or feel alone.  Almost everyone has suffered from self sabotage at one time or another. We are complicated, multi-faceted creatures who continuously move through periods of change.

“You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.” – Shannon L. Alder

You CAN accomplish your goals and get out of your own way!  Most of the advice out there on the internet on how to overcome self sabotage falls far short of being helpful, I hate to say.  I did a little survey around looking at the top websites that show up for this search and kept seeing things like, “just do it.”  Or the advice to exercise because that will stimulate your brain and then somehow you’ll stop sabotaging yourself (what if you are sabotaging yourself by not exercising???).  Look, it’s down to this: you must do some deep, introspective work to determine what is not matching up. If you keep sabotaging yourself on a goal, a part of your subconscious mind believes that somehow achieving that goal will be bad for you.  That you’ll be untrue to another deeply held value, or you will run afoul of a negative belief.  We’ll walk you through this mental landline in this show so that you don’t spend precious time trying to eliminate self sabotage with techniques that just really don’t address it.

This show will help you to really understand self sabotage and, through some advice, a few stories, and a little conversational hypnosis, help you to get un-stuck and move forward in alignment with yourself.

The Hypnotic Radio Hour: Self Sabotage Episode


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