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Poor sleep is an epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Improve your sleep, improve your health with these hypnosis mp3s today.

"Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together."  ~Thomas Dekker

Sleep is more than just a nice-to-have; it is an absolutely necessity for health, both physically and mentally. 

A lack of good sleep can be the cause of, or worsen numerous physical and mental issues: obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, anxiety and more. Sleep is necessary for the body and mind to repair damage and fuel up on energy for the following day.

Hypnosis has a proven track record of improving the quality of sleep. I see sleep issues a lot in my clinical practice, often associated with either anxiety or weight issues. Getting people sleeping better, sleeping well, so that the mind and body can do their job of healing is a natural application of hypnosis, because hypnosis is on the brainwave range down toward sleep. In fact you pass through what is called a hypnoidal state as you fall asleep and wake up each night. 

In addition to the natural properties of hypnosis that aid in sleep, hypnosis is able to change the underlying, subconscious thoughts, fears and beliefs that may be keeping you from getting the sleep you need.

“I slept ALL night last night!!! Not even up to use bathroom or drink of water, nothing. I am not walking around in a fog today. Feel better today than have in months.” Shellie S.

If you want to fall asleep more easily, stay asleep, sleep more deeply and wake in the morning truly feeling ready for your day, we have the hypnosis download to help you.

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If, for any reason you find that these recordings aren’t working as you expected, please contact us for a full refund of your purchase price at any time within 90 days of your purchase.

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