Stop Overwhelm Meditation

Stop feeling overwhelmed, and make your world feel more manageable.

You know that feeling when your thoughts are thinking you? When your life is just too busy and you're trying to handle too much at once and it just feels like you can't turn your brain off? One thought leads to another and you can't make headway on any of them because your thoughts are so intrusive? We call that "Monkey Mind."

My clients often come in complaining of "Monkey Mind," the busy brain that simply won't focus. It spins you up into feeling more and more anxious and it seems the harder you try to stop that feeling, the worse it gets. I created this meditative process for my clients and if you get that Monkey Mind, then you will love this, too.

Learn to switch off Monkey Mind and experience a focused, centered peace.

Our lives today are full of things to do, and thanks to modern communications some of us deal with issues all over the planet.  To say nothing of family responsibilities, work obligations, it can seem like there's always a million things to do and that you should be dealing with all of them at once. So your brain tries to do that for you -- but you know how that makes you feel.  

You know that trying to deal with everything at once only makes you less effective. The answer is to narrow your thoughts down to what is important.

The session on this recording does that very effectively.  Using metaphor, which is the language of the subconscious, it trains the mind to let go of all the busy thoughts to narrow your focus down, making your "thought world" feel smaller, more focused, calmer and so much more manageable. After all, as I always say, "a focused mind is a calm mind." My clients at ChangeWorks love this process, and if you can relate to the Monkey Mind syndrome, you will too!

Using this recording creates:
  • A reduction in the number and speed of your thoughts
  • Slows your thoughts down and brings them down to a more manageable level
  • Creates a feeling of focus and that your life is more manageable
  • Eliminates the feeling of overwhelm
Calm your mind and bring down that sense of overwhelm with this meditation designed to focus your mind. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97
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Stop Overwhelm
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 by fredf555
This has saved me

Thank you for this session. I have never found anything quite like this and I have used several other people's hypnosis for anxiety in the past. This is the most amazing experience and I now do it without the recording, just in my head so I can do it whenever I feel my anxiety and the volume of thoughts getting out of control. This has the most amazing quality of turning off my thoughts and making everything quiet in my head. I've also noticed that I get warmer when listenting to this, I have no idea why that is. This has saved me. I used to get so much feeling of anxiety and thoughts that were spinning out of control that I would shut down for a day or more and that didn't help because then I would feel guilty and that would just add fuel to the fire. So I was damned if you do damned if you don't because I couldn't function either way. This has greatly reduced those episodes. For the record, I do take Clomipramine, but I don't want to take more of it and I take the minimum dosage I can get by with because of gastrointestinal side effects.  Also the Clomipramine never really eliminates the problem which is why I've been looking for a solution like this for years. Do I still have OCD/anxiety? Yes. But this has made it much more manageable for me. I would recommend this hypnosis session if you are like me.

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