The procrastination hurdle. Leap over it.

Procrastination robbing you of your life?

Most of mankind is guilty of procrastinating at one time or another.  Often, we know exactly what is expected of us, a detailed report is due by Friday to the boss, financial documents need to be organized for the tax deadline, or there are five loads of laundry piled up that need folding—and yet we are frozen in our tracks.  Instead of digging in to the task at hand, the lure of unlimited distractions such as killing time on social media or watching a Sex in the City marathon pull us into the vortex of time wasting alternative “priorities.”  Occasional forays into the land of procrastination are to be expected in us flawed human beings, but when procrastination becomes your middle name it has morphed into a serious liability for your life and your ability to achieve your dreams.

“Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot fun until you get the bill.”      

~Christopher Parker

So, how does one slay the demon of delay?  If you have landed here at HypnosisFirst you no doubt have tried everything from sticky notes plastered all over the house to lists on every table, and still fail to get ‘er done.  The reason you have not succeeded in changing the tendency to put things off is because the change of habit needs to begin deep in the subconscious.  Change directed at the conscious mind (deciding to do it differently, reading about how to do it differently, etc.) is only the first step. Sure, it’s important to prime your mind with HOW you would go about things differently, but to change habitual behavior, you have to get your subconscious mind on board with starting to do things the new way.  All of your habits are housed in your subconscious mind.

Why do we procrastinate?

Much research has been done to help reveal the cause of procrastination in our natures.  Generally, people distract themselves from tackling tasks and projects to avoid:

  • Perceived pain
  • Discomfort
  • Being successful
  • Things they fear
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Sense of dread
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Fear of failure

The quagmire results from a disconnect between the desire to achieve a new weight-loss goal, to impress the boss with the next presentation, or to start that home-based business, and the lack of action to accomplish the desired goal.  Failing to follow through can leave us with a sense of frustration and self-loathing.  Whatever negative messaging that exists in our subconscious mind simply paralyzes us.

How procrastination causes harm

You know the drill.  You vow to lose 25 pounds by your birthday.  You sincerely desire this change, hoping to look and feel healthier and more attractive.  You envision all the cool clothes you will treat yourself to once you hit your goal, and all the compliments you will receive.  So, off to the store you go to load up your cart with colorful veggies and fruits, salmon, walnuts, almond milk, and protein powder.

You hit the ground running the next day and proceed to eat these healthy foods for two whole days, when, out of nowhere, the bottom falls out of the whole plan.  You cave.  In no time you have managed to pick up a pizza and a carton of ice cream—and just like that your weight loss plan is history.

Now, what is the fallout of this seemingly endless cycle?  You feel disgusted with yourself.  You are disappointed in your lack of determination and self-control.  You stress over it, you brood.  In turn, physical symptoms such as insomnia, gastrointestinal distress, and a compromised immune system can result from the resulting emotional anguish caused by procrastination.

How hypnotherapy can end the procrastination cycle

By accessing the tools of hypnotherapy, you will be able to redefine the messaging of the subconscious and create a new view of yourself and your life.  Some of the techniques include:

  1. Using hypnotic techniques, the mind is allowed to move past surface distractions and concerns to a deeper plane of consciousness.  While in a relaxed state, a hypnotherapist, through skillfully chosen suggestions, can guide your thoughts to identify the block that exists at the subconscious level, which inhibits your ability to move forward with desired goals.
  2. Once the cause of the central fear is identified, hypnotherapy can help to release this primary cause of fear, and move you through the block towards new habits.
  3. Using visualization techniques, you will learn to view procrastination as a hurdle to leap over, a gate to bust through, or a wall to break down (even imagining smashing that wall with a hammer!).

Can procrastination ever be a good thing?

There are times in life when failing to follow through on a plan or a goal can be advantageous.  Think about the time you felt you deserved a nice vacation, even if it wasn’t in the budget.  You were determined to find the perfect get-away and even began researching various destinations for your desired goal.  Somehow, you lost focus and dropped the ball, a pattern you are very familiar with because you are a procrastinator.  But in this instance, your procrastination ended up being a positive, saving you from busting your budget and maxing out your credit card.  Impulsive goals can sometimes be thwarted with the skillful use of procrastination.

In general, though, procrastination is a negative trait that impedes making the most of your life.  Time is a gift, and to waste it by meandering through life without making the most of your skills and talents is, simply, a shame.  Think of all you gain if you stick to a goal and follow it through….and now think of all you lose by not.

Take control of your time

Isn’t it time to become consciously mindful of the value of time and to make the effort to stop wasting it?  Isn’t it time to experience that amazing sense of accomplishment from achieving a goal?  Isn’t it time to allow yourself to enjoy the successes that will follow if you can just identify that roadblock known as procrastination and ram your way right through it?

Let this high quality digital download launch the process by which you uncover the reason for your tendency to procrastinate, and discover your own individual fears and motivators.  With the help of the skills of a professional hypnotherapist, you will learn to create powerful new habits that will enable you to reach your highest life goals.




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