Transform your past

Feel differently about your personal history; move into your future free of your past

Ever wonder why some people can come through adverse situations and be emotionally healthy and others come through negatively affected? Whether it’s bad parenting, a bad marriage, whatever, some people carry their past around like a weight, while others shrug it off. Why?

It’s the meaning the person’s mind decided, without conscious involvement or consent, to attach to those events and interactions. And those meanings can be changed, using hypnosis.

This recording uses beautiful nature imagery and invokes the energy of potential to change the meaning of your past, thereby changing how you feel about it.  This gives you the power and freedom to move into your future anew, unencumbered, and empowered.

Using this recording creates:
  • Release from the emotional impact of past events
  • Gives you a talisman to carry with you; a symbol of inner strength
  • Places you in conscious control of the transformation of your past, from any point in your life
  • Verifies your shift in perspective, so you know it's working
Change how you feel about past events and empower yourself to live your life with a greater sense of personal freedom. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97

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Transform Your Past
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