Trust Your True Spirit

True peace begins with self understanding and trust.

Trusting Your True Spirit is a one of a kind hypnotic experience; give yourself to a true inner journey and return with a deeper understanding and trust in who you are at the core of your being.

Anyone seeking a deeper experience of self and transcendence of what we think of as the self in our society will benefit from this hypnosis session.  Learn to go beyond the feelings and responses that this life has programmed into you, and discover the center of your being.

Trusting Your True Spirit is the doorway to a more meaningful spiritual life and finding your purpose.

This world has been throwing messages at you since your were born (and even before),  creating what you've experienced as your "personality." What if there's something deeper, more pure and lasting?  Something that whispers to you in a soft voice and that, through this inner work, can become like a trusted companion? 

My experience with this process has been profound. This process has been instrumental in creating a foundation, a "relationship with mySelf" that has truly opened life up for me.  This process helped me to trust the inner voice telling me to leave the corporate world and start my hypnosis practice, to start my hypnosis and NLP school, and to become the healer that I told my Mom I would be when I was 8 years old!  When we're children, we hear this True Spirit, and we speak it.  As we grow older and move out into the world. all too often that voice is silenced or muffled. We learn not to trust it; it feels confusing, doesn't it?  Like a part of you knows; but a part of you has learned not to trust the inner voice.

This hypnotic guided meditation re-connects you to that voice. This is the perfect partner session for Connect to Your Higher Spirit, too. Connecting inward to your deepest, truest self and upward to a higher power is the path of enlightenment.  Will you achieve it? I don't know, but I do know this:  that every step toward enlightenment is worth taking.

I never feel alone anymore. Once I opened up my "relationship with me," I feel supported from within.

Try Trust Your True Spirit on me at no risk.  I guarantee all of the audios I create because my goal is to help you.  And my belief is that these audios can and do help many people. When I was 8 years old, I was guided to go to my Mom and tell her, "when I grow up I want to help people." It was pretty out of the blue - and she looked a bit surprised!  Today, I know where that message and that guidance came from, and the more I connect with and trust that, the more it guides my actions. I have lived a good life because of it.

Your True Spirit will always guide you in the path that is in your best and highest good. My wish for you is that you find and nurture that connection, and I would be honored to play a role in creating that for you!

Using this recording creates:
  • A connection with your "inner you"
  • Brings you into harmony with your inner self
  • Can open you to a trustworthy guiding voice from within.
Learn to trust your core, perfect nature -- the path to personal peace. Restore your connection to the perfect essence of you. Backed by our Guarantee.
Price: $17.97

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