What is Brainwave Entrainment?

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwave Entrainment has been studied for over 70 years, extensively. It refers to the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic aural or visual sensory stimulation (pulses of light or sound). The brain responds automatically to input that falls within it’s natural range of electrical activity (which is detected with an EEG machine). So, without knowing it you have been “using” brainwave entrainment to alter your brainwave states, just in your every day life. For example the calming effect of gazing into a flame or fire, drumming, listening to certain styles of music or watching television are familiar experiences of naturally occurring brainwave entrainment.

When the mind is given any kind of stimulus it emits an electrical charge in response. These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become everything you see and what you hear. When the mind is offered a rhythmic stimulus, such as a sound or a beat for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the mind in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm is consistent, it can start to resemble the natural inner rhythms of the mind, the brainwaves. The brain responds by synchronizing its cycles to the same rhythm.  This is called the Frequency Following Response, and explains why slow, gentle music has a calming effect, and fast tempo music can pick up your mood and energy.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the general use and purpose of our Mind Music Brainwave Entrainment audios.

Is Brainwave Entrainment safe?

Yes. Brainwaves are activated no matter what you do, and regardless of what music you listen to certainly. If you repeatedly pay attention to ANY song or rhythm, even the ticking of a clock, which increases your brain’s alpha rhythms, you are entraining your brain in some way (although effect is not always permanent, it depends upon how emotional the experience is for you). The difference with self-help entrainment is that it is aimed toward a focused result, not really aesthetic enjoyment. If you’ve ever experienced a seizure or epilepsy, or have any other ailments that affect the mind, e.g. schizophrenia or bipolar disorder you should consult your doctor before using any type or kind of assisted brain entrainment.

How often do I need to listen to the audios?

In order to achieve the very best results you need to listen to the audios regularly. I suggest daily, but certainly at least five times per week. The repetition will train your brain to produce the more desirable brainwave patterns with greater consistency.  The application and effect are very similar to that of neurofeedback (or biofeedback).

How often will it take for me to note the effects?

Of course this is variable and can depend on the length of time you have been experiencing a particular problem. However, it is possible so that you can notice effects after just one session. If you use to the recordings regularly as recommended, you should see positive adjustments within 2-4 weeks. When you listen to the recordings regularly your brain starts to create the frequencies contained in the recordings on its own, providing long lasting and often permanent effects.

Am I able to listen to the tracks while driving?

Not alpha, theta or delta tracks. It is not recommended that you drive while listening to these recordings because of their mentally calming effects. Listen to these recordings in a relaxed and quiet setting where you won’t be disturbed. Recordings which are intended for energy brightening, creativity or memory enhancement can be listened to while you go about your daily activities.

Are there any unwanted effects from brainwave entrainment?

Some individuals may experience headaches if they first listen to the audios. This is due to increased blood circulation in the brain. With repeated use the brain adjusts to this and the headaches stop. Some people also notice increased dreaming or even more lucid and vivid dreams. Generally there are no adverse side effects. It is necessary to keep properly hydrated before and after periods also, so drink a glass of water just before your session and again afterward. Remember, the brain is mostly water and most of us are chronically dehydrated!

How does Brainwave Entrainment work?

What happens in audio brainwave entrainment is that the mind begins to “follow” the frequency of the pulses of sound. Audio brainwave entrainment uses technology that inserts subtle beats, pulses and modulations into music. When you listen to the music, small vibrations occur in the ear that is echoed by the brain. The brain then starts to help you change your mental state. For example, if you are anxious you are probably generating too many brain waves of a high beta frequency. By listening to recordings containing alpha and/or theta tones, your brain becomes entrained to these frequencies and produces more of the calming alpha & theta waves which promote relaxation and calm.

Is Brainwave Entrainment useful for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

If you are somebody who suffers from ADHD then you have issues focusing. People with ADHD have particular brainwave patterns. Through sound brainwave entrainment the person has the capacity to actually increase their brainwaves so that they are able to begin to concentrate. The sound causes the left brain to stay dominant so that the person can increase their capability to concentrate, reduce emotional response and also to reduce hyperactivity. This type of audio brainwave entrainment increases the beta brainwaves and acts as a “mental workout” of sorts. Because of the hemispheric difference in stimulation required to address ADD/ADHD issues, headphones are required with these recordings.

Many clients have found increased benefit by using both Cumulative Bliss Theta Entrainment and Focused Bliss Entrainment for ADHD.  Alternate recordings a.m. and p.m.  Experiment with which combination gives you the best results.

Overall Benefits of Audio Brainwave Entrainment

With brainwave entrainment are able to positively effect the electrical activity in the brain, increase the blood circulation to the brain, and promote brand-new nerve cell development in the brain. Individuals can cause significant shifts in their brainwave patterns after one brief session. However, to change your emotions and behaviors over time you will want to use a series of sessions on a regular basis over several months. Over time, with consistency and repetition, your brain will be trained to create these same patterns alone, thus enabling you to have greater control over your ability to concentrate and reduce hyperactivity.

Who else would reap the benefits of using brainwave entrainment technologies?

Everyone can gain some benefits from brainwave entrainment. It is effective for meditation, rest, creativity and memory enhancement as well as performance enhancement for athletes. In addition, brainwave entrainment has shown to be effective for various ailments, especially insomnia, anxiety and stress, headaches, fibromyalgia and exhaustion, premenstrual tension and ADHD.

Find our complete list of brainwave entrainment audios here.


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