The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Collection
Project:  Your Best Self

Your guide through your journal of personal change and improvement.

Creating the life of your dreams begins with creating the self of your dreams.  This is a collection of my top sellers offered at a reduced price because so many people buy these together, I thought it would be great to offer a savings on them.

These recordings do work synergistically with each other to clear limiting beliefs and create empowerment.  Together, they allow you to make progressive positive change and as always, you are in control.

Start with Deepest Relaxation if you’re not familiar with self hypnosis, to condition your mind to entering the deeply relaxed and focused state where change happens most quickly and easily.

From there, choose the titles that reflect your deepest desires and progress through the titles, using one title for between 2 and 4 weeks at a time before moving to the next.  As you move through this powerful self-directed change program, you may want to keep a journal to note your changes in feelings and behaviors, and the comments of others.  This gives you a way to set goals and review changes as you progress.

This collection includes the following titles:

Self Acceptance
Live in the Present Moment
Attract Abundance
Totem of Power & Confidence
Develop Charisma
New Behavior Generator
Deepest Relaxation
Transform Your Past
No Longer Shy

and a bonus recording, Be a Great Decision Maker.

All these titles purchased separately would be over $200.  You save over $100 by purchasing them as a program, which is a more powerful way to use the recordings as well!

You deserve to be the best you can be!

Download the entire collection!

10 Powerful Hypnosis Audios for just $77!

Over $200 worth of best quality hypnosis recordings for just $77!



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Project: Your Best Self
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 4 reviews
 by Jean P

I bought this for my husband and he likes it. Would recommend to a friend.

 by Greg K.

I have been suffering all my life from low self esteem/depresion na d have now starting taking a different approach than before, working on what's in me not focusing on 'what's wrong" around me. It's hard work so I know it needs to be done. 😉 these have helped change my thinking and it takes time but it does work. Along with you wanting it to work, i guess.

 by Pam Nordstrom

I want you to know Cindy, that although, I have only listened to them 3-4 times now it is making an inner difference for my life. I am changing from the inside. I say out loud and repeat what you share on your CD about Self Acceptance, when I am in the shower and other times. I find it important to say out loud that my ears hear, and continue to make changes within my brain. It is becoming more and more grained within my mind. I will stay with this particular CD message for a month, before moving on to the next.

I have started journaling, I see and more importantly feel such a difference in my well being. I am far less critical of myself and others now. I am able to tell myself, “Good Job, you did good.” And I am able to extend myself more to others in planting Positive and Good seeds within their being, as well. And I laugh harder and more often, and am not taking myself or life so serious.

Cindy, you truly are so gifted and able to make such life changing, beautiful changes in others lives. Truly. I am witness to this, within myself. Thank You... so much!! You are able to open the cocoon of person, and allow them to develop into beauty and fly!!

I am so deeply thankful for you. You are changing my life!!

 by Beth

I got this for half price in the grand opening sale of this product and I have to say, great value! I love the way these make me feel! Thanks Cindy! Beth M. (you know who 🙂

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